Have "The Simpsons" Dethroned "The King"?

"The Simpsons" and Elvis Presley are in a heavyweight battle to see who is the most popular postage stamp. While "The Simpsons" have had more stamps printed, more people cast a vote for "The King". The US Post Office explains in a press release that stated:

The 916,927 votes fall short of the 1.1 million votes received in 1992 when America voted for a "younger vs. older" Elvis stamp image, with the younger winning by a three-to-one margin. The Elvis vote took place prior to the internet. Customers voted by mailing in post cards obtained at Post Offices. The younger Elvis stamp was issued in 1993.

"Elvis remains as the most popular stamp among collectors, but the response to The Simpsons indicates that the King might have some competition," said U.S. Postal Service Executive Director, Stamp Services, David Failor. "We've printed one billion Simpsons stamps, nearly double those printed for Elvis, so only time will tell how they rank in history."

In a monumental upset, Maggie Simpson proved to be the most popular stamp issued by USPS. Here is how the online voting turned out:

Votes Percentage
Maggie 272,235 29.7
Homer 264,038 28.8
Bart 172,867 18.9
Marge 106,214 11.6
Lisa 101,573 11.1

So first it was the American Idol shocker with Kris Allen defeating Adam Lampert and now Maggie Simpson is more popular than Homer. I am befuddled.

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