Slightly Chubby People Live Longer than Skinny People

While health experts have long been warning of the dangers of obesity, a new Japanese study warns that being very skinny is far more dangerous and shows that slightly chubby people actually live longer.

A long-term study of middle-aged and elderly people by the Tohoku University's Graduate School of Medicine showed that people who are a little overweight at age 40 life six to seven years longer than very thing people, whose average life expectancy was a good five years shorter than that of obese people.

Shinichi Kuriyama, an associate professor who worked on the study, said:

"We found skinny people run the highest risk. We had expected thin people would show the shortest life expectancy but didn't expect the difference to be this large."

He continued:

"There had been an argument that thin people's lives are short because many of them are sick or smoke. But the difference was almost unchanged even when we eliminated these factors."

The primary reasons skinny people were believed to have shorter lifespans include heightened vulnerability to diseases such as pneumonia and the fragility of their blood vessels.

Kuriyama was quick to warn, however, that he was not recommending people eat as much as they want:

"It's better that thin people try to gain normal weight, but we doubt it's good for people of normal physique to put on more fat," he said.

The study included 50,000 adults between the ages of 40 and 79 over twelve years in the northern Japanese prefecture of Miyagi.


This stuff is total B.S. Yes, sure anorexic people will live shorter lives, but a thin person, especially if they eat healthy will live much longer than some average slightly chubby person. Raw Foodist all the way. We are lean, but toned and healthy and have tons of energy and fun..

You can't argue with facts, genius, and I like how quickly you denounce a chubby person the ability to "eat healthy." Some people just have a bit extra meat on their bones. That doesn't mean they aren't getting the same amount of important nutrients that a raw foodist would receive. Sure, there are probably many cases in which a thin person has outlived a slightly chubby person, but facts are facts and you have to face them. The fact is that, generally speaking, people who are very skinny will die sooner than a slightly chubby person. That's just the way it is.

Please note that the article says "very skinny" and "slightly chubby." This study defined skinny as having a BMI of under 18.5. That means under 130 pounds for a 5'10" man. Unfortunately a lot of people will use this study to justify being significantly overweight without knowing any of the details.

It's been long since proven that the BMI scale is outdated, was created on skewed numbers, and doesn't take any form of body diversity into consideration. Honestly, it's shocking that modern medical professionals and government agencies, for that matter, are still operating under the pretense that that set of numbers have anything to do with actual health. I'm sorry, but any scale written in the 1800's and based on the averages of Norwegian Olympians could not be justified and accurate. So, as far as I'm concerned, one cannot be sure of their health until a serious inquiry of their body is done. The BMI is skewed and outdated, and should not be the sole means of measuring one's overall health.

Do you think 150lbs is a healthy weight for a 5'11" 18 year old guy? Everybody thinks I am way too thin.

is 126lbs overweight for a 5"4 13year old girl?

No you are the right size. Just stay that way and you'll be healthy:) whoever calls you fat ignore them coz you are not fat.

I am 5''1, 19 years old, and I weigh 130 pounds. Do you think I'm fat? Please be kind. And if you think I am, please give me some tips on how to shed the pounds. Thanks.

Well I already knew that being at a healthy weight for yourself makes you live longer than trying to starve or gorging yourself. I also know that having a consistent weight most of the time is healthier also, less stress on the body but mostly the heart. If you eat the right foods with moderate junk food and some exercise you should have a decent life expectancy. Btw, there is such a thing as thin fat meaning you're thin on the outside but internally your organs are floating in a lot of fat, internal fat if you will, which is dangerous. I think it was some british study. I don't remember.

we paid a lot of money for this study - so please become a little chubby and help us to sell our healthy products - it's for your health

also the diet-industry paid a lot of money to make this public - they need some slightly overweight people to sell their healthy products

support our food and diet industry and we guarantee you a longer life

hii im 13 years old and im 7stone' does that make me fat or over weight for my age ?? im need tips on loosing some weight ? can you help me x thanks

im 17, 5ft 4in and weight 174. is that the slightly over weight range? lol or just "fatass" range?

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Look totally different when you were fat and became skinny. Its' so hard for me to control my diet and loose weight.