Michael Jackson May Have Left Paul McCartney Rights to 200 Beatles Songs in His Will

Michael Jackson arranged to give Paul McCartney the rights to the Beatles back catalog through his will according to reports published earlier this year. The pair who scored hits together in the mid-1980's with Say, Say, Say and The Girl Is Mine had been feuding for years after Jackson won the rights to the Beatles back catalog because of legal wrangling between Macca and John Lennon's widow Yoko Ono.

McCartney for years expressed his dissatisfaction with Jackson's maneuver and the two were never on speaking terms again. Previously, the pair collaborated on Jackson's 1982 'Thriller' extract 'The Girl is Mine,' and McCartney's 1983 single 'Say, Say, Say' from 'Pipes of Peace' and forged a close friendship.

U.K. newspaper the Daily Mirror quoted a Jackson insider as saying in January saying:

"Michael told his lawyers he was sad he no longer talks to Sir Paul and said he wanted to make things right."

Jackson, who died today at 50 years of age, had been reportedly diagnosed with cancer and one can speculate that the strain put on his heart during workouts for his concerts next month in London ultimately led to the King of Pop's demise. Jackson had sold 50% of his assets to Sony but held the other half which would be given back to McCartney if the rumors are proven to true.

Here are the pair of musical legends appearing together in the hit single "Say, Say, Say"


What, that is a classy thing to do. He must of knew he didn't have too much longer.

He must of knew? Or he must HAVE KNOWN?

I just saw Michael Jackson and Elvis riding a motorcycle down Interstate 80 at mile marker 59

Bittersweet news for Paul, I'm sure. Michael did a pretty underhanded thing to him, but that was decades ago. I'm glad the songs are in the hands of their rightful owner, though. It's not like Paul needs the money (although he's very charitable so it's in good hands), but it's just the principal of the thing. He wrote the songs, so for him to have to pay someone to play his own songs is ridiculous.

McCartney is such a money grubber he probably is glad he died. He wasn't even uspet when John Lennon died - just went back to work. I love Macca's music, his charactor is another thing though....

You have no idea as to the pain Paul felt. I hope you never have to know.

If you've ever experienced the death of someone who was really close to you, you'd understand that staying busy and getting your mind off of things helps to get through a rough situation. That's what Paul did. He didn't go back to work because he wanted money. It was to keep his mind occupied on other things so that he could get through the situation easier. It's human instinct.

That's the most ridiculous comment I've read in a long time! You know not what you speak of.

Um i dont thin so paul aint that kind of person yes he was ticked a while ago and they havent spoken but im sure he is deeply saddned to by it

You sir, are an idiot.

McCartney is not glad that Michael Jackson is dead. When Lennon died, Paul suffered. I am glad that he went back to work. He also did not call it quits when Linda died and George passed away. He remained calm within the storms of his life. This shows exceptional character.

Think before you speak will you? Were you there with Paul when John died? I don't think so. You don't know how he reacted to Mickael's death either. Still if Paul get the rights back and that's a big if, I will be glad. The songs are rightfully his after all.

you are a moron. Money meant nothing to that man. he had more than he could spend.

Have you heard the song "Here Today"? It is Paul's song to John. Listen to it and then tell me he wasn't upset when John died. He went to work, he said, because he wanted to try and get John's death off his mind.

U just took the words right out of my m... keyboard. Indeed, Paul fortunately went back to work to keep himself occupied, through which he created Here Today... about his friendship with John and his influence on him. Amen ;)

Paul loved John!

Apparently you are extremely dense when it comes to the history & background of Lennon/McCartney. Please refrain from making idiotic comments if you truly don't know what you are talking about.

If you think he wasn't upset when lennon died you're a complete idiot--one of his best songs was written after the death john lennon--HERE TODAY--once again, you're an idiot.

You have no idea how he felt Paul and John were like buddies and you have no right saying things that arent true. He didnt know how to handle it. You should think before you speak. I hope someone you cared for so much died and have people say you dont even care and then see how you like it.
What a BITCH

iv seen videos of paul mcartney crying when he found out john was dead paul was johns best friend i think you would cry if your best friend died

dont say that about sir paul. He is a nice loving guy. I have read in many books saying that paul and his family was all around the tv crying when they heard the news about john lennons death. and john wouldnt want paul to just stop singing and making music because he died. he would want him continue to make history. the beatles are and always will be the best band in history. they still sell more albums today than any other musicen. LONG LIVE SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY!

it's not ridiculous for years music has been taken from black entertainers. who gave them back their rights

it was stupid for paul mccartney to have complained about michael jackson owning the beatles songs when paul either put the songs up for sell himself or he never owned them completely. Otherwords, if michael did not buy the music, someone else would have bought the songs. because they were up for sell!
"It's called the music business." Paul mccartney is full of it!
If paul is such a great song writer, write some new songs, and

stop complaining like a child!

We'll soon see if this report is true. Sounds like tabloid fodder. If Jackson was sad and wanted to make things right with Paul, why put it in his will? Why not make amends with Paul while he was alive? The man has three children, was in debt up to his ears. Does anyone truly think he would think of Paul McCartney over the future of his own children and just give away 25% (which is all he now owned) of the most expensive and lucrative song catalogue in history to someone he hasn't spoken to in years?

I wouldn't it past him, obviously Michael didn't always think the most clearly/logically/sanely... :)

Especially if it turns out that Michael knew the kids weren't really his or something...

You are ridiculous Guest...
I hope Paul gets his songs and it would be a great thing for Michael to do...now for Yoko to do the right thing is never going to happen. She is a pro at behind the scenes manipulation in my own personal opinion. Her screeching yelping singing is enough to bring the world of music to it's end. Check her out on youtube. Especially the Canadian concert with John and Eric Clapton. Claptons expressions are priceless.

RIP Michael. Hope you did the right thing. Peace to your family and fans.

Considering that Paul owns the rights to a lot of music, shows, and movies he had nothing to do with the creation of, his response to Michael aquiring the beatles rights, can be viewed as nothing but hypocitical.

What a foul thing to say. Of course he was upset, you try having a friend for 20 odd years and have them taken away in an instant. It's a little thing called shock, and song writing and music is one of the best means of venting out negative feelings and as a songwriter myself I know that I would probably react in a similar fashion.

you guys really think paul mccartney wasn't upset when john lennon died.?!?

-listen to the song he wrote "here today" and you will think otherwise.

anyone think we'll be seeing any beatles songs released now? i'd like to finally be able to legally download them lol.

I think that Paul was very saddened by the death of Michael and i don't think he just cares about the money.


Lol @ Bubbles.

I think that Paul has the true right over the beatles songs over yoko indeed cause she was the wife but no part of the creative partnership so if Michael had left in his will to make things right after all I personally think that is a cool thing cause well you know Michael has its own songs and ways to left money to his children (you know when an artist dies everyone wants to buy the art left it by the artist) so I hope that truly Michael left the rights to its real owner but yoko cause she was not there when john and paul wrote every song she was not a Beatle but Paul did!

doesn't matter. paul has been dead for years!


moron, paul is not dead. i hate how people thinks paul is dead but when i watch him on tv live. he was there to announice the beatles rock band.

I love Paul and his family including,nancy he is very loving and giving, those songs belong to paul
i am sad about michael but he will be in a better place now


Well, it would be nice if the Lennon/McCartney songbook reveerted back to one of the people who actually created it, but I have a bad feeling that Sony is going to end up with the entire catalog.

If the rumours prove true well then that is a really nice thing that Michael has done. Paul was clearly happy working with the other Beatles during the anthology recordings and I'm certain that if John had been alive he would have been back recording with his bandmates too. It is very sad to see so many great talents in the rock music industry die so young.

He didn't give away his dance patent: http://www.iptrademarkattorney.com/2009/06/michael-jackson-patent-dance-move-smooth-criminal-lean-anti-gravity-death.html

Paul and Jackson were good friends until the stupid jackson cheated him from his rights to all the Beatles music!I'm glad that Paul will have his music back, but I'm pretty sure that Paul is sad about jackson dying because he was a freind, and also he was very sad when John Lennon died because he knew him the longest than anyone. He creid when he heard about the news that he died. I am the Beatles number 1 fan and I know everything about them. Even there secrets. Hay, I read all the books and documenterys ok!!!!

If Paul gets the rights back, we'll finally hear some beatles songs on movies and commercials! Otherwise he have to stick with idiotic covers like the jonas brothers' hello goodbye..

Don't count on that. If Paul gets the rights back, don't expect to hear the songs on commercials anymore by any artist... unless it is a Beatles commercial. The band didn't want their music to be used commercially at all since it "cheapens" it. It wasn't used in commercials either that I know of until Jackson bought the rights

but didn't want to outbid Michael. No one here is stupid or idiotic, these are merely speculations - since no one truly knows all the facts! I think Paul had more or at least as much cash in the mid 80's to outbid Michael, but didn't for whatever reasons! I also think Paul was absolutely upset about losing John - which he thought of as a brother. They were together since high school/college and that's hard losing someone after all those decades. Paul was also sad at the news of Michael's passing - they may not have been buddies, but come on! Paul's not the ass some of these posters are - the man obviously has a heart. And yes listen to Here Today...you can't be heartless, and write like that!!! Michael DIDN'T leave anything to Paul in his will...we all saw the will! Paul should buy it now though, Sony doesn't need it or know what to do with it!

You are absolutely correct!!! Paul had an equal opportunity to buy the rights to the songs. Michael didn't STEAL anything from Paul. Where do people get these ridiculous idears?! Money was paid for these rights. Michael wasn't the only bidder for these rights. He just ended up being the HIGHEST bidder at the time. Paul didn't bid AT ALL. Michael was all about business. He invested his hard earned money into these rights. There are a lot of artists today who do not own the rights to their own songs. There are a lot of R&B artists from the past who actually had their songs STOLEN from them with no compensation at all. Why do you think Chuck Berry took over his own management, booking, and everything else after he was almost robbed blind? I could name a host of artists who have had their music rights actually stolen from them; but, why go through all that? No-one stole anything from Paul. Michael had no obligation to pass these rights to Paul. He paid $47,000,000 for these rights. Come on, people, be realistic!! I get tired of reading that Michael wronged Paul. Paul owns the rights to other artistic materials that were created by others. Do you hear anything about Paul's plans to restore the rights back to these other artists? ...what?... NO NO NO!

"Michael told his lawyers he was sad he no longer talks to Sir Paul and said he wanted to make things right."

Michael was a pathological liar and a manipulator. He promised all kinds of things to all kinds of people and dangled a lot in front of them and left them hanging dry and that includes his own family. He also owes money to so many people and never paid them off and thinking he would get away with it because he's the Oh Great One. He just wanted to look good and come off as just misunderstood and only a third-party.

Everyone is claiming this share is worth 2 billion. Please. MJ had no liquid assets from all accounts and I bet there are tons of people drawing up papers right now to get back money he owed them and that playbook is what is going to get them back that money. He was hoping to make $50 million on his tour to pay some debts so why didn't he just save himself the trouble and sell off some of what remained of his share of the playbook to take care of his financial woes. Even the promoter for his come-back tour is going to lose a bundle because the insurance policy won't pay if his death was caused by drugs. He'll line up to claiming Michael said he was in good physical health though knowingly taking a very dangerous drug that even the FDA put out a notice about it. So the idiot takes a drug that is only used in hospitals, must be monitored, and is intended to put someone in a coma, and is very dangerous. If I was the promoter I would also be lining up to sue the estate.

Peck, Peck, Peck and before you know it MJ's estate is worthless.

A lot of Michael's woes came about due to his lavish way of laying out a lot of money, quite a huge part was given to charity. He didn't have to give to charities, but he did. And, it wasn't for publicity. You really don't know anything about the personal relationship between Paul and Michael; nor do you know who stopped talking to whom first. There appears to be quite a bit of bitterness in your words against Michael Jackson. You can say what you want, but Michael Jackson was an extremely talented person and a grand humanitarian. Like any other human being, he made mistakes. But, this is no time to try to crucify the man. In spite of hateful words from people like you, history will be kind about Michael Jackson. He has 3 minor kids that will require support; and, all you can think of is how people can "peck, peck, peck" away at his estate to dissipate it. That, my friend, is hate in the greatest term of the word. You speak of Michael's death being caused by drugs and that he was an "idiot" to take the drug. But you don't say anything about the medical person or persons who provided the medication for him. When a person has a dependency on a particular drug, that person may not think straight about the consequences. However, the person who supplied the drug should be in a better state of mind. STOP HATING!! It's sad that a person such as you can find nothing more positive to do. In all the words that you posted, you didn't include a single positive word about Michael Jackson. ...STOP HATING!!!!!!!!!

Um, you DO realize that the catalogue is not just Beatles songs but a couple hundred thousand other songs as well? And that the catalogue brings in nearly $100 million a year, correct? Why do you think people allowed him to borrow that money... everyone was hoping he'd default on those loans and they'd get a piece of the real action in court, which is that catalogue. Sony can tell you, it's the gift that keeps on giving, year in, year out.

Not to mention the fact that Michael's own songs bring in $30 million a year, and now we're going to see that amount skyrocket as well. As long as his estate is well managed by people with scruples, the spending will stop now, a small amount will go into a an annuity for his kids, and the debts will be paid off in a few years with the ENORMOUS sums of cash that flow into the coffers daily from the twin titans of Jackson's half of Sony/ATV and his outright ownership of his own songs, including some of his own masters.

I love how people are like, "He's asset rich." These aren't assets that sit there and collect dust, they're assets because they bring in money EVERY SINGLE DAY. The reason he was able to finance that lavish lifestyle is because he was somehow spending WAY more than he was taking in. Also, I don't even think HE knew how much was coming in and that he was being conned out of money that was actually coming in and that all the debt was set up by forces within his camp in order that he'd eventually default and whomever these shady characters are would get a big payday for practically handing the rights over to others in court.

Why on earth do people just REACT to everything without looking at facts and critically assessing the situation?

Also, right on about Paul owning plenty of other people's songs. I'm sure some of those people and their families could use the money, meanwhile Paul is a billionaire, yet he cries like a baby when it's perpetuated upon him. It's KARMA. He even advised Michael to do it, just not to him... boy was he surprised. It was probably John playing a sick little joke on him from the grave whispering into Michael's ear the magic number to bid... which was somehow DOUBLE what Paul and Yoko offered.