$600K Pledged by Supporters to Keep St Patrick's Catholic Church Open

Members of the historic West Park St Patrick's Catholic church are working fervently to keep their doors open. Last month, the congregation was shocked when they found out that Bishop Lennon had selected the parish to close its doors despite having heavily attended masses and being a fixture to Cleveland's Irish community for over 160 years.

The group released a message on Facebook stating that they have already raised $600,000 in pledges by supporters to show financial viability. They added that that Bishop Lennon has scheduled a meeting with their committee for Thursday, July 2nd as part of the appeal process.

So far two Cleveland area churches have gained a reprieve from closure by the Bishop. St Colmans and St Ignatius of Antioch both made successful appeals after protesting their closures. Many West Park residents are hoping that Saint Pats makes it a lucky a number three.


Time to let go of earthly items and set your hearts on what is above. Support your bishop in all that will help in the way to salvation which includes suffering that comes in many different forms and perhaps they will get a back bone and start speaking as the Church has spoken and still does! The Truth will not be denied.

Yours in IC XC thru Theotokos

St Patricks parishioners; Form an Intentional Eucharistic Community . Have Mass at an Elks club or public library on Sunday. Lennon closed parishes in Boston too. sitting in or vigiling just makes them [bishops] think they are land rich.

If the parish were attended predominantly by Brazilians or Latinos they wouldn't be closing it.