Alec Baldwin Asked to Run for Ohio Governor

Having announced his plans to retire from acting in 2012, actor Alec Baldwin was recently approached by a local Ohio law firm that is keen to support a bid to make him the state's next Governor. While it seems completely out of left field, Baldwin has frequently spoken about his political aspirations.

Speaking with Playboy magazine, Baldwin said:

"A law firm in a liberal Democratic bastion in Ohio state politics sent me a binder with a cover letter that read: "Mr. Baldwin, here's who we represent, the kinds of cases we handle, our credentials in Ohio state politics. We want you to move to Ohio and run for Governor. We will launch your career.'"

As crazy at it might sound, it may actually not be a bad idea.

There are few groups in Ohio that are happy with current Governor Ted Strickland right now, other than the racetracks who stand to gain a fortune if his proposal to add slots comes to fruition. Other than that, the state is currently is a deep recession, jobs continue to be lost, and the governor wants to cut things like education, libraries, and various health and human services programs - the very things that are needed most during hard times. If he gets the kinds of cuts that he is proposing in certain areas, the residents of Ohio are likely never to forgive him.

This would be Baldwin's perfect opportunity to run on the Democratic ticket. While Ohio frequently flips from Red to Blue, it is currently in on a Blue streak with Strickland as Governor and the state having gone to Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election.

The state of California seems happy with their Hollywood governor in Arnold Schwarzenegger. So why couldn't it work in the Buckeye State?

It doesn't sound like he's ruled out the idea yet either. Baldwin admits that he has been tempted by the offer. He says, "The desire is there."


Maybe now we should get on our knees and prayer hard . If this comes to pass we are no longer the Great State of Ohio !


Whereas I might be able to fathom the concept of Jerry Springer running (at least he has some experience being the mayor of Cincy). Baldwin reminds me too much of Vice President Biden, he thinks with his mouth and not with his brain.

Yes because Ohio is so great right now....with proposed cuts for education and libraries.......Strickland needs his head examined if he thinks this will appease the state....should have approved gambling in Ohio then we wouldn't be bothering with cuts like these. Then again Strickland may not care if he helps dumb down the state....maybe we could re-elect him if we are dumb enough.

Great news for Republicans, if this blowhard, low IQ'd, and hair-trigger tempered chauvinist does run on the Dem ticket!

It should then be a piece of cake for any good Republican candidate to defeat him---that is, unless the voters are mostly the mindless types who are totally mesmerized by any "celebrity!"

Maybe now we should get on our knees and prayer hard . If this comes to pass we are no longer the Great State of Ohio !