Movie Review: Homecoming Starring Mischa Barton

While Mischa Barton may be going through some personal issues of her own, I think she has created a cult classic with the new film Homecoming. Directed by Morgan Freeman, the film is almost a carbon copy of classic 80's thriller Misery. While Barton is far from the talent of Kathy Bates, she portrays Shelby, who has severe mental disorders, adequately (although maybe she wasn't acting).

From the outside looking in, it seems that Shelby has everything a young lady would want. She runs a popular bowling alley in a small Midwestern town that serves as a gathering place for just about everyone. What people don't know is that she has built up an unhealthy obsession with her former boyfriend, the former local hero who plays football at Northwestern on scholarship, and that she has sunk into inescapable financial troubles.

Shelby completely unravels on Homecoming weekend. Her ex-boyfriend Mike (Matt Long) is in town to have his number retired and makes the mistake of bringing in his new girlfriend. Adding to the stress is a banker that is breathing down her neck, threatening to take away her home and her business. Elizabeth, who has the ill fortune of being Mike's girlfriend, finds herself in Shelby's crosshairs.

What Homecoming lacks in originality it makes up for in entertainment value. If you like to watch James Caan trapped by Kathy Bates every time you see it on cable television, you'll want to get to the movie theater and take this one in.

The film opens in Los Angeles and New York today and will be released throughout the country in the coming weeks.

Grade B+


B+??! More like D- this movie was horrible!

dude ur wrong. that movie rocked it got a double A+ and mischa barton rocked in that movie.

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