Why Colin Cowherd is the best thing going on ESPN radio...

and possibly in all of sports radio and media.

-He doesn't care if you like him or not.

-He doesn't take too many phone calls. Yes, even your calls "Mr. Intellectual, Soccer guy" usually are unnecessary. Too many calls from mouth breathing booger eaters can only bring the show down.

-He doesn't conduct too many interviews, and the ones he does, the people will at least talk and have something interesting to say. Too many interviews to me is lazy and no one wants to hear cliches everyday, and for the most part, a lot of coaches and athletes are boring.

-His stock is rising. Like all good, successful and ambitious people in life, he has branched out into bigger things. His show SportsNation is an example of that. I think alot of listeners are taken aback by his brash tell it like it is style because they feel insecure about the boring and ambition-less lives they lead. Life's true 'playas' get it.

-He has a great rapport with producers Amanda Gifford, Vince Kates, and Board Operator, "Wacky FM DJ", ok, former wacky FM DJ David Fisch.

-He is not afraid to tell you your program is lame and eroding, i.e. Michigan, Notre Dame, and Virginia.

-That flashlight song and Little Wayne coming in from breaks.

-He knows soccer is a joke and isn't afraid to say it.

-He is obsessed with, but doesn't condone the use of meth.

-He gets to work with Michelle Beadle.

-He makes working or driving between 10am - 2pm a little more tolerable.

-In my opinion he is better than Rome who has gotten too wrapped up in repeating stupid phrases and conducting way too many interviews.

-He is research.

-He makes 1240 out of Youngstown, Ohio listenable for four hours.

-Every day he provokes thought, not only regarding the sportsworld, but real life.

-Last but not least, the majority of his college football locks are winners.

So this might sound like a man crush ode, but I feel it's just an article that is way overdue. For making ESPN radio a better place, I say "Thank you Colin".

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Colin is one of those rare mediapersons that don't really care what you think or call him, because he knows he's good. And guys like these, like Simon Cowell or Gordon Brown arent a handful in the world. He knows he doesnt really have to build relationships or try to smooth talk you or try to convince you of anything because he's so good. And even if one thinks he;s wrong, give and take a few months, and we'll all see who's biting who's dust. We need more people like this in sports media. A guy who can take a stand and give his point of view rather than what people want to hear!

Hate Colin. speaks in absolutes and gives his opinion even if knows nothing about the subject. case in point, his recent comments on John Wall, who just became the 3rd youngest person to have a triple-double in the NBA and with only one turnover to boot. the two youngest, you ask? two guys named Oscar Robertson and Magic Johnson.

He seems bigger than just sports radio. I think he would be the perfect replacement for Larry King.

Yes, Like all good, successful and ambitious people in life, he has branched out into bigger things
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