Oprah Winfrey Sued for Over $1 Trillion Dollars

Oprah Winfrey and her production company Harpo Inc. have just been sued for an eye-popping $1 trillion dollars. According to the National Enquirer, an intellectual property case was filed on July 31 with the US District Court in Washington by author Damon Lloyd Goffe.

Goffee, of the Bronx, New York, said in legal papers that "in April 2008 Oprah confessed to seizing original works of authorship" and published online the first draft of his work "A Tome of Poetry" under another title, "Pieces of My Soul."

Goffe says that the website in question is no longer live. He also claims that the talk show titan sold over 650 million editions of the work online at the price of $20 per copy, which "calculates for $1.2 trillion dollars."


Check out the legal documents here:

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I hope he wins and Oprah is forced to blow guys in bus stations for nickles.

650 million editions would mean that nearly every American owns 2 editions. 650 million multiplied by 20 USD are not 1,2 trillion dollars. there is no book titles Pieces of My Soul by Oprah Winfrey. If there was, it would be distributed by a publisher and not as a self-published book over the internet as Mr. Goffe claims. Also, Mr. Goffe claimes, that the Will Smith Show is based on his life and that the Real Life is based on his life as well. He also filed suits because of that. And, above all, the so-called Oprah Winfrey Case was dismissed by judge Lamberth in mere two pages because the book Pieces of My Soul does not exist, and thus there is no case.

What mistake - ever - would be worth trillion dollars?
Only a total idiot would come up with that and what insane lawyer would like to represent that kind of claim. It's a total shame to any society to have those kind of law fights to become reality.
And how is the claim calculated??? 650 million times 20 looks more like 13 billion to me. So each edition should also add another additional $90 to the claim. Absolute ridiculous!!!

I don.t believe that the damages are anywhere near the amount posted but everyone fail to realize it that oprah is just the front man for a very large corp remember she was one of those people who got her big break in the 80s with talk shows on where is your baby daddy ,she is on no different a CROOK

There are only 641 million english speakers on our planet (I looked it up). Is there any punishment for insane lawsuits??? Just curious!

Are you aware that the common language of the world is English?
This means that all the europeans communicate to eachother with the help of english language. Europe is around 300 million people, add to that the US, Canada, Australia and so on.. WELL OVER 641 million.

DOnt forget india that is about 1,000,000,000 people and the too speak english. Get your facts right.

About the Pieces of My Soul, THAT IS A POEM and not a book. His book was called A Tome of poetry ........Get your facts right as well