50 Cent Planning "Surprise" Concert in His Old Neighborhood; Cops Worried Someone Will Get Shot

Rapper 50 Cent is reportedly planning to stage a free concert in a schoolyard near the Queens projects where he grew up, and where he was nearly fatally shot. Now, the community is afraid of what might happen should he hold a concert there as rumored, and cops are now preparing for the worst.

Cops have said that they can't control the area, and that anyone could walk in from anywhere. Others are worried that someone is going to try to make a name for themselves and take a shot at 50 Cent, and either hit him or miss and hit an innocent bystander.

An army of cops are said to be planning to shut down a huge 20-block radius around the South Jamaica Houses for the surprise concert on August 30, which is expected to draw about 10,000 people.

50 Cent is set to make an appearance at the neighborhood's "Family Day" on the school grounds around 5:30pm. Sources say that he plans to bring some of his celebrity friends along with him.

The schoolyard will be packed with kids and their families, and there will be a stage set up for 50 Cent and other acts. A DJ will also be there with a mike and equipment.

The prospect of a massive turnout as well as the potential violence that could ensue, has some families planning to not only not participate in the festivities that day, but to even make sure they are nowhere near the area.

50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, is a former crack dealer. He was shot nine times in 2000 in front of his grandmother's house which is just blocks away from the proposed show's site. He has also been stabbed.

Hundreds of police officiers, including cops from the gang and intelligence units, will descend upon the area in uniform and plainclothes. Some local officials worry, however, that even this won't be enough. Some teens are even vowing to stay away, after they've heard that there are supposed to be some shootings going down.

Organizers have denied that 50 Cent will take to the stage, however his publicist, Keesha Johnson, said that he would make an appearance.


Fif will be fine. As always the place will be swarming with over-interfering cops who really just want to get a glimpse of the dude lawl