Michael Jackson to Get a Birthday Burial

Michael Jackson's body has been on ice since his death while his family tries to decide where and when to bury him. His father Joe Jackson now says that Michael will be burred in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Los Angeles at 10am on August 29. That would have been Jackson's 51st birthday.

Joe indicated that the burial plans had been finalized in just the past few days, nd says that he will return to Las Vegas after his son is buried that Saturday to receive a celebrity star in Michael's honor at the Brenden Theaters. The theater will also screen the 1988 film "Moonwalker" that day. Michael and his children frequented the cinema, which is located at the Palms.

Joe Jackson also said he is supportive of the LAPD's probe into his son's death on June 25, but said that cops might be making Dr. Conrad Murray "the fall guy for a whole lot of people."

Murray was Jackson's personal doctor, and was with him the day he died. He is being investigated for administering the anesthetic Propofol and other drugs, but denies any wrongdoing.


It is shameful to wait this long to bury this man. His kids will never forgive this family, once they figure out how their Dad's body was HOARDED, rather than given a timely burial, for no apparent reason.


It is a damn shame that the Jackson family have not laid micheal to rest. I think the world those involved is going to be in trouble; God don't want no man put before him.

Its a shame that they didnt bury him 5 days after he died I wouldnt want to be put on ice the family should be a shame of themself let the man rest already

Michael came on this earth to do good things to this human race,feeling michael,i know he would and continue to do good,the best thing would be to give his body for research for the benefit of the human race.

"To die and not perish,is forever present"Live on MICHAEL

"This is my body(we take it in the form of communion)
This is my blood,it is drank at communion.


The family wanted a ending on how their member died and I ,myself am glad to find out he himself didn't do it at least meaning to do it.. The doctor should be in prison for a long long time as for the family waiting I am glad they did and found out everything as we all waited to know but the blame is the autopsys reports.. They took way too long and there should be some how a newer updated equipment to determine the factors more faster done.. They need to make everything faster when it comes to autopsys waiting 4 to 6 weeks is painstaking and very slow..So the family found out the reason,and he wil be buried it wasn't all in vain it was done as time allowed.. And the Media loved it they get paid for items like this to report each time they report it, so between media and autopsys they both are tooooooo time consuming..In my opinion only ,...Michael will always live on..

ditto:/ 89 year old lady living on welfare. will be living off her grandkids inheritance. so will their grampa and all their rich uncles and relatives.


I can't believe they won't bury this man! You don't think its a hoax do you? Like at the last minute he pops out and starts singing "Thriller"?

I thought they buried him the day of the memorial because the why they talk they were and last night when I turned on my telvision they were having the burial.I was so upset because they waited so long are they crazy or what Micichael wouldn't want this.They could have layed him to rest and then se who was going to pay for the buriel.The guy needs to rest not lay around for them to argue especially for his kids they need to act like grownups not kids the kids are acting more grown up then they are.My heart goes out to the kids.I just wish people would leave the guy alone he's dead and if he did do anything then he's answering to Jesus for it.

omg most people say he sold his soul to the devil but i dont believe it i dnt care wat nobody say its not true leave michael alone let him rest in peace god will deal wit it if its true but ily michael nd im doing my social studies project on you