East Cleveland Mayor Eric Brewer Responds to Sexually Explicit Photo Scandal

East Cleveland Mayor Eric Brewer held a press conference and pointed the finger at the East Cleveland Police Department for photos of what is said to be Brewer in drag and various sexual poses. Brewer, click here for the full statement, says that he had not seen the photos till WKYC broadcast them last night and was upset that the reporter who broke the story failed to ask him directly about the incident. He went on to say that the police department, who is backing another candidate in the primary, is playing "gutter politics".

The East Cleveland Police Union responded by saying:

I would like to take this time to address the statements made my East Cleveland Mayor Eric Brewer.

Mayor Brewer decided to turn his so called "gutter politics" away from his own alleged disturbing photos to police corruption, making the police somehow responsible for his careless handling of his personal/private photo collection.

We are not affirming who the pictures are but since the Mayor is clearly affirming that we are not doing our jobs and/or doing them improperly, I would like to point out the following:

The Police Corruption that is not being handled, and that "HE" got rid of the former Chief, Detective, and several other officers was based on the work done by the Police Internal Affairs Department. With out their full support to investigate and report the corruption, what could "HE" do?

The fact that named Sergeant, Randy Hicks whosupervises the Street Crimes Unit which he has ordered to be reassigned made no mention of their impact these last two years. The fact that this unit had their lives threatened did not cause the unit to give up, but to move forward and to stay aggressive. The sense of pride knowing that they were impacting the communitypositively by the numerous arrest and convictions they were making. Not to mention the accolades received byresidents in specific to this unit as well as the rest of the Men and Women for cleaning the streets.

The streets are cleaned by two groups, the Citizens and the Police. The alertness, awareness and willingness of the Citizens to report and state on crimes in combination with the Police response, investigations, and arrest are what allow the streets to be cleaned. Not one man staking a claim that "He" has done these things.

To the citizens; We have gone long and hard, day and night to police aggressively for a safer and more warming community. We will continue to police with professionalism and courtesy as well as investigate complaints against abuse through authority.

As we have seen and learned through past practices, theMayor will put his name and picture on things as his"stamp of approval" to show that "HE" is responsible. Well what stamp of approval is this?

To conclude and to serve as a matter of record, the Police Union nor its members had anything to do with the dissemination of any of the obscene photographs alleged of Mayor Brewer. The Police Union Members have however, been passing out flyers in support of FOP Lodge #39 endorsed candidate Gary Norton.


i dont care who leaked these photos this is one pixel of the gigantic warped picture that is this country. the hypocrisy of this system is sickening. its like the judges who are dope smokers and child porn addicts driving drunk to city hall, and they stand over us with their pseudo god like perfection and ruin peoples lives. enough with this non sense, we need to re take this country and have the politicians the ones who live in fear not us.

Nice to see you back on here. Good call on mangini, BTW. What a nightmare!

If the Internal Affairs Unit is ran by Sgt.Ruth, then I would have to rethink the fact that it was the P.D. Ruth is a back stabbing person with the personality of a snake, I mean who else would steal his ex-partners girl from him behind his back and end up at the alter with her, you should take a look at him. Although Brewer should be more careful with his private life, it still isnt a sin to be a switch hitter.

Thats not what happened and if you really knew him, you'd know that. Shut the fuck up and get your facts straight before you start throwing out accusations.You obviously have no idea what you're talking about.

I see you are or were a bad cop that I got rid off. I see this is how you make yourself feel better. If you really knew me than you would not have written this, or at least have had all the facts. Sorry you are no longer working in the police field. No I'm Not, just another bad cop I was able to get rid of.

I've known Ralph Spotts, Chief of Police in E. Cleveland for over 25 yrs. He mentored one of my daughters. There is no way I'd ever believe that he would be a part of this. He's not a sneaky type.

As for Brewer, what the man does in private has nothing to do with his public position. However, I'd suggest if a person ever plans to seek political office, they keep their private life private, meaning, don't take, or allow to have taken, the pictures of yourself that could come back and bite you in the .......

I agree with this comment. The police cheif was one of my personal mentors. I think this is a case of a man scrambling. The mayor is probably in shock, and wants to point the finger at someone. And to be honest, so what if the police did choose to release these images. These were images and poses that the mayor choose to take and perform.

So if the police got their hands on these photos, you're saying that it's ok that they leaked them, since the mayor took these photos? Well, well, then we should dig through your hard drive and find your scandalous pictures/videos, hand them over to the police in your city, so they can release them? Mabye even put on xtube??? You're an idiot.

Concerning East Cleveland; Could it be that tiny East Cleveland has been chosen to be the prototype of of a police state. On the other hand Mayor Brewer should put his foot down and pass a resolution requiring the police and their union to remain politically neutral.
The East Cleveland Police Department needs to get a grip and come to the realization that the Comander and Cheif is supposed to get the credit for all things, good and bad, that occur under his jurisdiction. If they (police) are making progress in cleaning up the streets of East Cleveland it is only because their Commander and Chief has chosen them to comprise his team, a team who follow his directives.
Be aware Mr. East Cleveland Police Union, we In Washington DC have an understanding of the high level of drug activity in your fair city. We have been there and whitnessed it first hand. In addition, we have spoken with inmates in the Federal Penitary system who are from East Cleveland and they have indicated that, " it's as if the East Cleveland Police don't care about the drugs, or maybe they have something to do with it." Chances are, Mr. Police Union, Mayor Brewer is on the money in his current endeavor to clean up the East Cleveland Police Department and you're standing in his way.
Simply put, things ain't right in the ECPD. Ergo, the East Cleveland Police Union's candidate for Mayor may not be the best choice for East Cleveland.

We in DC? Who are you? and why do you care about some "tiny" cities sex scandal then? get real.
The city is filled with drugs because of the people who live there, not the police.
Talking to inmates in federal prison? Yeah, sounds like really legit information you have.
and why should a department be politically neutral? The FOP takes stands on issues all the time.

What kind of judgment can anyone who is obviously disturbed, confused and mentally unhealthy, bring to the table? Why would anyone want someone like that governing over them?

Next thing you know, citizens will vote for an openly anti-american marxist for president.

Nah, that couldnt happen, could it?

Well, we did twice in a row have a president who wasn't even elected to take the Oval Office. And lie and cheat and steal and cause thousands of deaths because of it.... I think a little lace after all that is kind of a break.

I do not live in East Cleveland but I have family that does and this Mayor has clean up drugs in the city and that is what matter who cares he dresses in women clothes, He has not stolen any money and got rid of all the crooks in city hall and the police dept. He is single not married and should be left alone to grieve his father's death. Let's not forget the white mayor in that city right here in ohio that goes to work every day dress in drag!!!!!!

And as usual, the media failed to even mention the fact that he is a democrat (as if I couldn't guess) LOL! You can bet when it hits FOX it will be mentioned though. Stick a fork in the perv....he is done.

I don't think it’s really the issue whether he can run the city wearing drag but the way that he carries himself everyday. Acts like this teeter on perversion and with that being the case, it makes him questionable. If he were an open transsexual or gay this would not be such an issue. But this man prides himself of being a "Man's Man". That is the issue. He appears to now be a liar and hypocrite. He has done a good job in E. Cleveland, and that should not be overlooked. But, he clearly has personal issues that he needs to talk to a doctor with. I think its time for him to step down. The loss of his father. This coming out right now are all signs that "we all reap what we sow."

Who gives a sh*t if he dresses up as a woman? He' one hot number! If priests can have a good ole time with alter boys, then why can't this cat dress as a woman on his down time?

so long as he doest harm anyone. Politics as usual, the other candidate try to show some schocking news to take the trophy away from the leading candidate. I'm sure the other candidate has nothing to hide... Plus if he has photos of himself in womens clothing, who cares. I'm sure EVERYONE has skeletons in their closet, including the other candidate. Anyway, I hope you all in Cleveland vote for the right reason. I know nothing about this current major but vote wisely on records, not photo shoots.

It seems that all of you folks don't get it. Maybe Brewer has helped the City, but untill everyone stops pointing the finger about race and who is calling who what, then nothing will change. Several years ago I remember when a certain under mayor refused to do what onunwor was telling him to do, and he suffered for it. Brewer has stood up for issues that the public does not know about. Dont judge the man on his private life. Mayor this is directed at you,, I find it very hard to believe that any officer would stand up and call someone a ***igger, grow up, if a white officer did that in this day and age there would be a riot in the streets. Bury all of this crap and unite to fix this once great city.Police brutality is a very real issue, not just in East Cleveland. You fired Patricia Lane, she was a thief and everyone knew it, hire someone that has worked in that department that was screwed by Lane, and you will find that he will clean it up!!! I know just such a person that has no love for the officers there, and he with your help would clean it up from inside, because he has the knowledge....

All the uproar is so silly but it's great fodder for comedians and bloggers, though. There's a fun song parody at bizlevity.com (http://www.bizzia.com/bizlevity/mayor-triggers-rod-stewart-song-revival/)

I'll prolly still vote for Mayor Brewer, anyway.

A lot of fuss about nothing. Reagan is though the CIA responsible for tens of thousands of killings of innocents (non combatants) in Guatemala, Nicaracagua and Honduras in the eighties. According to the last election campaign he is still the national sweetheart of both democrats en republicans. Reagan, Bush sr. and Cheney are the real evil, not the person with these harmless habits.

the guy is a good public servant, what he does in the privacy of his home is his own business

Ok so the mayor was caught in a drag..So what?
It don't mean he is gay..Most cross dressers are straight...It don't mean he is sick or want's to be a woman.
And trust me this is a lot more common then you think.
I like to dress up and it's just one way to relax. Putting on the make-up and finding the right clothes and watch the transformation in the mirror can get the mind off the daily grind for hours. And lets just be honest..He looks good in drag.

Is the man a good mayor? That is the only relevant question. If he has done a good job, then vote for him. If not, don't vote for him. EVERYONE has a secret, but politicians should NOT have pictures taken if they don't want them published. The press always finds out!

as long as the mayor isn't passing judgment (or laws) against others for living their private lives as they wish, then it shouldn't matter what he chooses to do behind closed doors to get his groove on.

as long as his photos were taken for another consenting adult, and he only "plays" with consenting adults, it wouldn't matter to me if he chooses to dress up as r2d2 or scooby doo when he's on his own time and gettin jiggy.

i think we are all to obsessed with people's boudoir habits in this country.

and by the way, because he has a fetish, it does not make him mentally ill. it is only considered a mental disorder if it causes clinically significant distress or impairment in in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning, which this obviously has not.

I think that it doesn't really matter what this single man does in his private time, as long as no one is hurt or killed, and the people who took the alleged photos off his computer should be looking at criminal charges here.

Republicans don't have a lock on sexual olympics any more, evidently, and this instance seems to have been an "adults only" activity -- no underage participants invited. Neither party can afford to point fingers at this type of thing.

These pictures were taken in the privacy of someone's home. Be careful, everyone has skeletons in their closets. Whoever started this will find the tide turning on them and their private life.

You may live to wish you never took this trip down the path to destroy this man. Like a bunch of piranhas feeding on each other.

What is perverted about a man dressing in women's clothes? Is it perverse when women crossdress?

Mayor Eric J Brewer is the best mayor that east cleveland ohio has seen in some 20 years. who the hell cares what he does in his personal life, at least he wasnt a corrupt thief of a politician

God would say a job will done Eric was a decent man a sigle parent
and most of all he love EC How could you EC judge a book by the cover
without take the time to check is progress report..Everybody got lose in life...
and lose they way..What he did for EC is a Miralcle just hope that
cleveland step in to finish God Plan.Eric is a Good Guy.Just look at his work.

People, don't be fooled. The corruption is not just in America. All governments in every country have some sort of corruption within. We are more fortunate however, that we live in a republic. We as citizens have the right and the responsibility to participate in our government. Get involved. Find out about these people who are running for office and once they get in, be vigilant in finding out how they are voting and what they are spending OUR money on. Don't just rely on the news media, most of them are bought and paid for, too. It is now up to us, we the people, to make these "civil servants" accountable and responsible for how they are doing the job we pay them (too much) for. We need to learn more about the intent of the constitution, and hold our representatives up to it. Many bills being passed and activities that they are involved in, ARE NOT constitutional. Let US hold them to the promise they made when they were sworn into office, "to support and defend the Constitution..." That means, WE need to know what it says, too, so we will know when they breach that oath. If we don't like the way things are, WE need to be involved to change them. Together, WE THE PEOPLE can make the change to get OUR country back on track.