Ted Kennedy Claimed to Have Slept with over 1,000 Women

In a chapter of his autobiography, the late Senator Ted Kennedy confessed to having slept with over 1,000 women and spending more than $10 million in hush money to keep his womanizing ways a secret. If you crack open the book, however, you won't find a mention of this in there anywhere. That is because horrified family members and advisers cut it out before the book was published.

A close source also revealed to the National Enquirer that before he died of brain cancer at age 77 on August 25, Kennedy also revealed that he had planned to seduce Mary Jo Kopechne on the night she drowned. The source said:

"While dictating his memoirs into a tape recorder, Ted decided to tell the whole truth about his life - including his love life. He said that his first lover was an Irish nanny. She was about 19, and Ted was only 13.

When his mother found out, she sent the nanny back to Ireland. Rose made Ted pray on his knees for hours to ask forgiveness. But Ted recalled that even his sore knees couldn't wipe the smile off his face.

From that day on, he says he seduced as many women as he could, from maids and cooks at the family's Hyannis Port compound to college friends that his sisters brought home."

The source added that Kennedy even admitted to having planned to seduce Kopechne the night his car plunged off the road in Chappaquiddick.

"But his lawyers and friends begged him not to open that door. They said that even after his death, it would hurt his legacy and haunt the family.

He relented about Mary Jo, but went on to admit that he'd seduced the wives of some of his closest friends and even his brothers' girlfriends."

Ted had hoped his book would tell the truth about his life, but family members decided to hold off on including certain parts of the book out of respect to the family's reputation. Even though it was removed from the book, it seems the revelations leaked out regardless.


The number of days Teddy Chappaquiddick has been sober

Ted is despicable. Corrupt, amoral and a coward.

Ted WAS despicable, corrupt, amoral, and a coward. Currently he is likely just a pile of ashes. And that is not from an earthly cremation. His reputation is still despicable, corrupt, amoral and a coward.

Ted Kennedy is the standard bearer for the Democrat Party. Ted Kennedy was the quintessential scumbag, but not the only toad in the Kennedy family. Rose must be rolling in her grave after all the lying, perjury, subornation of perjury, and whore mongering by the brother's. Good riddance.

No wonder ol Ted was writing the Pope to try to get a pass to get into heaven.

So I guess they can drop the name "Kennedy" from the Healthcare Reform as it is already shameful enough, and conclude Teddie wanted his legacy instead to be about his winkie.

Was most of the $10 million paid to May Jo Kopechne's family? Or, after he was obese?

We have laughed at the joke that has now turned into an irony:
"What about the Abortion Bill, Sen. Kennedy?"
"Pay it!"

Now it's time to hear from Sen. Chris Dodd, Teddie's comrade- in-"arms."

PS - Mary Jo Kopechne DIDN'T DROWN. There was no water in her lungs. She died of asphyxiation after using up the air trapped in the back window of the partially submerged car in a shallow ditch while Teddie hustled home to protect his worthless behind.

Are voters of Massachusetts hiding their faces today?

You can atone! There are still worthless Kennedy's in government, and OMG, there's Barney.

Joe would have been proud. Rose once sad that enduring the infidelity was the price you paid to be Kennedy.

So - if we can believe Teddy's half-baked "confession" to the biographer, at least he never killed anyone, with whom he slept. I'm sure that is little comfort to Mary Jo's family.

It still amazes me that our society allows a reprobate like The Swimmer to get away with slandering an upstanding man like Robert Bork. Ted Kennedy on the Senate Judiciary Committee? He deserves to stand in judgement of no one for any position, much less the Supreme Court.

Kennedy men have had a long history of contempt for and abuse of women, followed by manipulation of the system to avoid responsibility for their actions.

I've been reading the' Dark Side of Camelot' and his brother JFK was not any better-probably worse but still wears a halo to most people. A disgusting corrupt and sleazy bunch of people!

Good book. I will always remember that "Kings are killed" and in JFK we were shown how the government hid his murder and how the newsmedia annointed him just the same way they are doing to Obama......is the outcome the same?

You can put the Kennedy family in the same boat as other Mafia family....Irish style.

One shouldn't speak ill of the dead. Only good. Teddy Kennedy is dead. Good.

You can always tell from the comments who are the ones who couldn't get some nookle in a whorehouse with a pocket of 100 dollar bills. The are the ones who post the most bitter comments.

Harvey, you must be the consummate liberal. Instead of rebutting my comment about Ted, you simply scribbled some sophomoric nonsense so as to thrill your liberal friends. I'm not impressed with your debating technique, and encourage you to tell me why my description of Ted Kennedy as a whore monger is wrong. Go ahead, give it your best shot.

Do the numbers. Teddy as always was lying. Let say for 60 sex years he had sex with as many women as he could. Sorry but 1,000 is impossible. Even hookers in a whorehouse don't do that many. Teddy was a real scumbag. Even he recognized it. True. But naturally a left wing hero. Think about that.

1000 in 60 years is only one every 3 weeks on average. Perfectly feasible.

You clearly don't get out much BcdErick. You figure 20 a year (and that's a very bad year for someone even slightly skilled in the art of seduction) for 60 years is 1200. That leaves a huge margin of error at 200 (.2)! I am 28, been sexually active for 12 years and been with well over 300 women, not including the ones I've paid for (add another 100 or so). People like yourself that simply cannot fathom the lifestyle required to achieve such numbers will understandably never be able to comprehend the ease at which such numbers can be accomplished with very little effort. Conversely I cannot fathom your position and the feeling of entrapment you surely endure. However, I have found someone that shares my position on the matter, http://www.openthemagazine.com/article/living/why-i-slept-with-1300-women . As a side note, you've undoubtably never been with a hooker nor graced a whorehouse; they would happily oblige to your request for the right price - you could have everyone in the house in a night if you're willing and able to pay for it.

While Mary Jo was gasping her last breath, Teddy was holed up in a hotel room, so consumed with worry for her safety that he called the front desk at 2am to complain about noise in an adjacent room. What kind of monster behaves this way?

An alcoholic behaves like that. My question would be what kind of voters repeatedly re-hire an alcoholic who has no desire for recovery.

You pass along information about a dead man. True or not, one wonders how readers can look down so vehemently and pass judgement based on this report. How was the information produced? The family or the publisher revealed the cut? Did some third party working for the publisher reveal this? Was the deletion verified? Does "a close source" revealing information to a bastion of truth like the National Enquirer merit any belief at all? Was this source's testimony verified? Can we believe that 1000 women were bedded down by TK from age 13 to 77, an average of 16 per year? So let's say at his prime, from 18 to 60 his rate would have been about 24 per year? And every single one of these women and anyone else who gained knowledge of this were silenced? No hold outs?
There are those who love to hate Kennedy, but rallying around this rumor mill seems not that much moral than Kennedy, even if all of these reports were true.

Do you actually beleive the number of people who have been silently screwed by Ted Kennedy rests at 1000? For as long as that useless lump was in office, the number is realisticly in the hundreds of millions. Save a few people with both the voice and the pedestal, the american people have drank the Kennedy's Kool-Aid starting with daddy Joe and trickling down to present day. Its obvious that there is no proof of these allegations, and that it's anyone's guess where this info really came from. But really, who cares where it came from or if its true, that fact remains that blood-born Kennedys are, in my opinion, the second worst example of humans on the planet. The title of worst is, of course, reserved for the low-life, snakes willing to go to any lenghts to feel important, even marry a kennedy.

So to sum up:
ME (thinks Kennedys are useless)= Right
YOU (Fool who beleives every prophecy handed down from
Marthas Vinyard)= Wrong

You can be sure that if there is a Heaven and Hell Ted Kennedy is niw burning in Hell.

Okay ladies time to tell all, write your memoirs and tell it all----------make your money for having had a trist with Ted Kennedy.

Of course you women will be blamed rather than the out of control sex feign.

Right on Ted!!!!!! Sorry about Mary Jo though. She can't talk now but 10,000 others can.....and some will. Yea!

Those of us who knew him are not surprised. A real scumbag like his brothers and yet the liberal media loved him. He was too dumb and lazy to be a real threat to the country--he was just a corrupt, useless fat gasbag. Now we have a corrupt Chicago machine politician in charge. More than a 1,000 women will be screwed--we all will be. And the liberal media will be cheerleaders.

I wonder how many men Larry Craig has slept with and how many little boy Mark Foley seduced.

I had no idea Ted had such a thing for Cuban women.
And to think he found 998 of them willing to sleep with him.
This has to be the case, I can think of no other demographic on earth with women who are that good of swimmers!
And also my prayers go out to the families of the two women who were not athletic enough to survive sex with Ted Kennedy.

I had no idea Ted had such a thing for Cuban women.
And to think he found 998 of them willing to sleep with him.
This has to be the case, I can think of no other demographic on earth with women who are that good of swimmers!
And also my prayers go out to the families of the two women who were not athletic enough to survive sex with Ted Kennedy.

For a good history of how the Kennedy boys were raised read "The Sins of the Father" by Ronald Kessler. It tells the story of old Joseph P. Kennedy and what a rotten scumbag he was. Such as; sleeping with film star Gloria Swanson, paying for her to abort his child in Paris, seducing his 24 year old secretary, and moving her into the Hyannisport compound when Rose went off to Paris to buy clothes. The old man liked Hitler too. FDR made him the first head of the SEC because he knew every dirty trick used in the stock market, since he used them all. Who better to clean up what he made dirty.

Rose raised the girls to be good Catholics, pray the Rosary and be virgin on their wedding night. Joe raised the boys to bed everything in a skirt. P.S. I'm Catholic and I am ashamed of these creeps.

Ted bought his way out of Mary Jo's death, in MA., but the ultimate judge, God Almighty, is not a Democrat for sale. Teddy is in no position to swim now. His sins have found him out. At least he is amoung family in Hell. Oh how the mighty have fallen!

Sheesh, you people will believe anything.

I heard from an unnamed source that a cook in GWB's White House was regularly summoned to the West Wing to bring marijuana brownies to George. The cook said he delivered them every day GWB was in the White House. "He would eat them alone, then ask for some more,: he said. On at least 2 occasions, it was clear that GWB was sharing them with his daughters, Jenna and Barbara, who often brought their boyfriends by to party. "I didn't ask questions," said the source, "I just kept making the brownies." The cook reports he was given large annual bonuses at Christmas time, speculated to be in the high 5 figures.

The National Enquirer is continuing to investigate.

Ted was an ass! They wanted to run Sarah Palin out of Washington. Well, Ted should have been gone years and years ago.

It would be interesting, and a mega-best seller if someone came out with a well researched book: "The exploits of the Kennedy Brothers."

The so biased liberal media might even pick up on it!