Check Out This Amazing "Transformers" Halloween Display in Cleveland

Every city has a few people that go all out on their Halloween and Christmas yard decorations, and Cleveland is no exception. This year you'll definitely want to take a swing by the Marin household to check out their amazing "Transformers" themed display.

The display features two Transformers - a 17-foot-tall Optimus Prime and a 12-foot-tall Bumblebee. Made from wood and foam, it took Pedro Marin 6 months to build Optimus and 2 months to build Bumblebee.

There are photos posted on the family's website, a video (see below), and even a MySpace page dedicated to their Halloween display. If you live in Northeast Ohio and want to check it out live and in person, here's the address:

4807 Wichita Ave, Cleveland, OH 44144