Browns Players Talk About Embarrassing Loss to Green Bay Packers

LB David Bowens

(On today’s game)-“We have to find a way to win no matter who it is, what their job is, what their role is; we have to come in collectively and find the win.”

(On not making excuses)- “Whoever showed up with a uniform on today was able to play and able to contribute. They just beat us. We can’t hang this loss on excuses. If you suited it up, you are able to play and make a difference. We can make that an excuse, but I am not going to accept it.”

(On the team perhaps taking a step back)- “I don’t know. We just lost. We have to figure out what happened. One thing is I’m not going to jump ship on this team. We are all together. We win, we lose together. We are going to do a good job this week of figuring out what we need to do to win, how we need to beat teams and how we need to prevent those big plays.”

WR Brian Robiskie

(On the team’s situation)- “We’re going to do what it takes to win. If we have to throw, we’ll throw. If we have to run, we’ll run, but our biggest concern is winning.”

(On QB Derek Anderson’s frustration)- “That comes with losing, incomplete and dropped balls. I think that its one of those things where we’re not doing what were capable of. Week in and week out, we do things that we want to translate to the game, and we just haven’t been able to do it.”

DB Brandon McDonald

(On Green Bay’s performance)-“They just came out and did what they had to do to get the win. Honestly, we were on sound on some coverages. Like I said last week, in the back end if you give up big plays, it leads to points. That was the case this week. They prepared well for us, they caught us with some coverages that they knew we were going to be in. They took advantage of opportunities and they converted them and we didn’t stop them like we needed to.”

(On the flu hitting the team)- “That is just something that happened. I can’t sit up here and say that is the reason we got beat. There is no excuse for the way we played. Regardless of the flu or whatever else happened during the week, we still had to come out here and compete and play this game. We needed to get a win and we didn’t do that today. Regardless of the situation throughout the week, I don’t want to put that as an excuse of why we played the way we did today.”

(On the team perhaps getting worse and not better)- “Obviously, it’s not a good feeling to lose as bad as we have been losing. The record that we have is frustrating as an individual and I know it is frustrating for the rest of my teammates. All we can do is go back and take this film and try to get better.”

DB Eric Wright

(On getting back into things after the car accident) –“It was a struggle to get back and just play the game. I was ready to do it and it was just like a new life.”

(On his mindset) – “I’m definitely happy to be here, happy to be living out the dream, and get another chance. But we just lost another game and it’s tough to swallow.”

OT Joe Thomas

(On how much the 46 defense affected the offensive line) - “We know how to block it. We’ve practiced against it, so it shouldn’t have affected us, but we didn’t do a good enough job making plays against it.”

(On being unable to establish the running game) - “It is frustrating. Everything we do revolves around us getting things going on the ground and when we can’t do that, we won’t be successful.”

(On the team’s struggles in the red zone) - “It is always really important to get into the end zone when you get down there close to the end zone. If you don’t get seven when you are down there enough times, you are not going to win.”

(On losing badly) - “We didn’t play nearly well enough and the score showed. It hurts to lose when you lose badly like that because you are not even close to being competitive. It isn’t a mental thing. It is just a lack of execution.”

WR Josh Cribbs

(On Coach Mangini’s comment regarding seeing effort on the field) - “I saw guys making an effort out there. He has a coach’s eye and I play out there with the players. That’s his opinion and he’s our coach, he’s our leader. I can just speak for myself personally. You don’t know how much effort a guy can give.”

(On the flu affecting the team and a tough week of preparation) - “We are all professional athletes and we cannot make excuses for losing to a good football team, for not being prepared, or whatever any other excuse that people can give us. We need no excuses. We played some bad football and turned the ball over. You can’t win games like that.”

(On fans leaving early and trying to get the fans involved in the game) - “It hurts. It is the same thing I try to do for our guys. We might be down, but we still have to play football. I have a lot of fight in me so I’m not going to stop until the last tick of the clock and I am just trying to convey that to the fans.”

(On what the offense needs to do to make big plays) - “Well, if I knew that, then they would probably have to make me the coordinator. All I can do is what I can control. When they call my number, I have to perform. I don’t know the answers to that question.”

(On if the team is getting worse) - “I am concerned about our football team every time we lose. I am worried about the guys and whether or not they have the will-power to go to the next week knowing that we are going to win. I just try to be a leader in that aspect to give them some of my energy or talk to them and let them know that we are professionals. I am just trying to control what we can control on the field.”

QB Derek Anderson

(On when the game got away)- “We didn’t execute enough. We didn’t take advantage of one-on-one when we had it. We put our defense in a couple of bad spots.”

(On interception on pass intended for Brian Robiskie)- “I threw it a little bit behind him. The safety sat outside and he came through and made a pretty good play. I could have thrown it a little farther inside and he would have broken it up, instead of intercepting it. It’s frustrating trying to make a play and a player gets stuck opening inside.”

(On the team’s recent bad play)- “We aren’t good right now. That’s it. Period. Flat out. We haven’t executed. We haven’t done the right things to win ball games. We haven’t run the ball effectively, thrown it where we needed too. We haven’t protected up front like we need to and caught it when we need to. You can’t win like that.”

(On translating good practices to game day)- “That’s what’s frustrating. We go all week, put in a lot of hours. We put in a lot of work with our offense, trying to get on the same page. We do fine in practice, it’s against the scout team, but it’s still a live defense. We catch good, throw good, block good. Most of the time we are on the right page and for some reason we can’t take it over to Sunday.”

(On today’s slow start)- “I thought we did pretty well in the first quarter. We put the ball in the right spots and made some plays. I thought the first quarter went well. We will watch the tape tomorrow and have a better idea of what happened.”

(On getting frustrated on offense)- “We are 1 – 6. The amount of effort that we put into each week, we figure we have everything covered going into the game. For some reason we just can’t carry it over to Sunday. It’s very frustrating, nobody likes to lose. We have been bad before, but we aren’t a terrible football team. It’s not that we have bad players or guys that aren’t trying. No matter the situation, the guys are coming in the huddle positive. Even when it was 31 – 3, or whatever it was, there was nobody throwing in the towel. We have guys saying, ‘Let these guys know that we aren’t quitting.’ That’s what I love about these guys, they are always going to fight. That’s how you build a winner, you stick together when things go bad.”

(On if he thought he would be replaced)- “No.”

(On deceiving the Packers defense at goal line)- “That’s playing football. I thought I could get Cribbs on a bubble screen, but the defender didn’t blitz.”

(On the drive at the end of the first half)- “We completed a few passes. They brought a little pressure. I thought I had [TE Greg] Estandia across the middle, but a defender cut in front of him and I ended up getting sacked.”