Sean Lennon Not Happy With Lindsay Lohan's New Film

Friends Sean Lennon and Lindsay Lohan's relationship is on the rocks after Lennon decided to go public with his feelings about Lohan's new film, Chapter 27, which chronicles the late John Lennon's death by Mark David Chapman.

Sean hates the idea of the movie and has referred to it as "tacky", and is disheartened that Lohan decided to go ahead and play the role of one Mark David Chapman's friends.

In the film, Mark David Chapman is played by actor Jared Leto. In one of the scenes, it shows a young Sean meeting Chapman in NY's Central Park about a mile from the Dakota where Lennon was shot.

"Lindsay was my friend, so I don't want to hurt her feelings... I think she felt that she understood but she'd already agreed to do it," said Sean.

Lindsay retorted: "He's my friend but he's not supporting what went on (on the set). We respect each other... and I don't support what happened to John Lennon."

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