5 Ways Vaporizers Improve Your Health

Today's world is becoming more health conscious than ever before. During a time when we are reaping the global benefits of our past mistakes, many individuals have begun to look at life in new ways. As we continue to search for methods to achieve higher levels of physical and emotional health, the use of herbal vaporizers is receiving much attention.

Herbal vaporizers can help change our lives in a variety of ways. All of which are healthy, natural and good for the environment. With this in mind, here are the top five ways that an herbal vaporizer can improve your health:

1. Prevent Damage to your Lungs

A major reason for choosing to use a vaporizer is to prevent damage to the lungs. Inhaling herbs that have gone through the vaporization process is a much cleaner alternative to traditional methods that involve combustion. We all know how bad tar and other harmful chemicals can be on the lungs, that’s why today’s preferred method is a cleaner, greener experience!

2. Aromatherapy

Your vaporizer can be used to release the essence of various herbs and plants that have the ability to improve your mood, heal your body, and increase the level of clarity of your mind. Aromatherapy has been used for centuries for medicinal purposes and as an aid in meditation. When you are calm, relaxed, and thinking clearly, you have the ability to make better decisions, be more productive, and to positively affect those around you.

3. Relaxation

Vaporizers can be used with Lavender, Chamomile or other medicinal herbs to relax after a busy and hectic day. Medicinal herbs can help you to let go of all of the stress of the moment and ease you into a state of tranquil relaxation.

This can also improve your relationships and family life because you are not stressed out and irritable.

4. Respiratory Problems

In the winter, the air seems to dry out more and this can cause scratchy throats, respiratory problems and asthma flair-ups. When you use a vaporizer in the room that you inhabit the most, you can vaporize certain plant materials that make it easier to breath. Try some camphor, which is usually used in vapor rubs. It is known for its ability to open airways and keep you breathing freely.

5. Treating Colds and Flues

Dealing with a nasty cold or the body aches brought on by a flu virus? A vaporizer can help to deal with these symptoms fairly quickly. Inhaling the vapors of Chamomile or Rosemary can clear a stuffy nose or help you relax while your body is fighting off a virus.

Lemon and camphor work as germ and bacteria killing agents and can actually de-germ the area. Moving your vaporizer from room to room can help to disinfect the entire household no time. This also works well for classrooms, daycare centers, dorm rooms and office environments.

These are just of the few of the ways that vaporizers can improve your health. If you are not sure about using a vaporizer, consult your family or holistic doctor. He will be able to advise you on the many benefits of an herbal vaporizer.

Submitted by Brent Johnson, a freelance writer, herbal guru and Digital Evangelist for The Volcano Vaporizer


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