Searching for the Person Who Leaked the Grady Sizemore Photos

While most of the world was focused on Tiger Woods, wondering what the heck was going on that caused his injuries and the bizarre crash, racy photographs of another sports figure were leaked online. Over the weekend, Deadspin posted a series of photographs of Cleveland Indians star Grady Sizemore. Some of the were fully clothed, and others were a bit more risque, but all of them were embarassing because he took himself using an iPhone. He would have looked less stupid if someone else took them. Now, Major League Baseball investigators and local police are looking to get at the bottom of the leak, and are trying to find out who stole and sent out the photos.

Neil Boland from the MLB Department of Investigations sent out an e-mail to Deadspin which read:


The photos posted in the article cited below are the property of Grady Sizemore. They were stolen from a personal computer. We've begun an investigation and request that you immediately remove Mr. Sizemore's property from the posting. We also ask that you preserve any records associated with its submission in anticipation of a criminal complaint to be filed with local law enforcement.

Thanks for your assistance with this. Feel free to contact me with any questions or if you need additional information.

Since the photos were taken with his iPhone, Sizemore likely took them to send to someone, which he confirms is the case. He told the Plain Dealer that the photos were stolen from his girlfriend, Playboy playmate Brittany Binger. He says they were taken from her e-mail account:

"These pictures were stolen illegally from my girlfriend's e-mail. It's now a legal matter that is under investigation. I can't say anything more."

While Grady's makes the claim that someone stole them from his girlfriend, rumors are also floating around that Brittany is the one who sent them out to various websites.