Rachel Uchitel Snags At Least $1 Million in Settlement with Tiger Woods

Rachel Uchitel, the woman the National Enquirer first exposed as Tiger Woods lover before all the others began coming out of the woodwork, is being paid millions of dollars to keep quiet about the intimate details of their affair. According to RadarOnline.com, Tiger has reached an agreement that will pay Uchitel more than one million but less than three million.

In exchange, Uchitel will not release hundreds of damaging emails and text messages that she has exchanged with Woods over the course of the past five months of their affair. She will also not admit to the affair publicly.

After initially denying the affair, Uchitel hired a powerful attorney, none other than Gloria Allred. On Thursday Allred had scheduled a press conference. Meanwhile Uchitel was negotiating with various media outlets to sell her story of her affair with the golfing great. However, Allred canceled the press conference and talks supposedly heated up between the two sides.

Tiger will be paying out a seven-figure amount because he felt the need to keep his mistress quiet. Allred is said to have helped to both spur and secure the massive hush money settlement.

It works out for both parties involved - Tiger gets to keep his secrets (unless one of his other many mistresses reveals them) and Rachel walks away a rich woman.

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Tiger will never be the same man he was. I hope he has a good financial adviser.

WOW! The price you pay for being unfaithful to your wife! Not only monetary, to have your character, integrity and reputation at stake! A large price to pay! Wonder if Tiger finds his "Little Secrets" are worth the price of his consequences? Too bad he did not “Count the Cost” before he choose to participate in his indiscretions. Not only did he destroy himself...Think of the others who have been affected.

I would still take his place....women are replaceable :P

I agree with you completely! Some women cost more than others; nevertheless, they are ALL replaceable ... Tiger should get on with his golf and maintain his No. 1 status

Tiger should have stuck with his woods instead of sticking his woodies where they didn't belong.

I guess the mistress just turned into a prostitute. And it looks like her lawyer has got her claws into a cool paycheck as well. Not defending Woods, just stating an opinion on whores.

How stupid can Tiger be. We all know that in this day and age all these sluts want is to be seen with athletes. If they happen to be married, all the better. It will ensure a bigger payday when they get tired of them and want money for their story. For someone who comes off as pretty smart, he's just another dumb athlete.

Prostitute is to nice a word. She's just a common whore. But he is not any better.

I dont think being a whore is a bad profession. they work for an up front agreed upon fee. This bitch is no where near as honorable as a whore. She is nothing less than a burgler, thief, and swindler. She ought to be put in jail for extortion (after the fact)

Prostitute is to nice a word. She's just a common whore. But he is not any better.

What a douche-bag!

Hey, Rachel! IS IT FUR-LINED?

Why pay all the money, if everyone already know what you did.
Hell how you did it isn't that important the fact that you did....then pay
you payed for it already. try a $50.00 whore next time she might not know
your name...

Tiger Woods has reduced relationships to john and ho--and corporate advertisers that are footing his bills for hush money and the rest expect us to buy their products! Like many on Wall Street and in corporate America, pushing and standing by a "family values" Tiger brand demonstrates that they are still delusional.

Why isn't Proctor and Gamble raising the price of Gillette products? I am concerned that they are abandoning Tiger Woods just when he needs substantial additional money to maintain the faux image, pay off the long line of mistresses, handle monstrous legal bills, etc., etc. Come P&G, stand by your man!

I always looked forward in watching Tiger play. Not NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope all his sponsers drop him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tiger the spoiled brat, showing his famous temper tantrums, throwing his golf clubs, being such a poor sport was never ever someone I enjoyed watching. I sincerely hope everyone of his sponsors drop this cheating, liar and his golf game goes to pot. If I was Elin, I would have myself checked for HIV with all his messing around with so many ho's. I hope Elin takes him for every penny he has. He doesn't love her or his kids...the only thing he is worried about is keeping his brand and his sponsor so his paycheck won't go down. SCUMBAG tiger.

see what happen's when the golfing great let's other people handle his club. they stroke the shaft. LOL

Rachel tell us what you did to earn money from Tiger Woods. Can he 1099 you as a tax deduction for sublet lip service?

Money for wife to stay longer. Money for alleged mistress to be quiet. The 1-3 others who are getting money from sleaze media outlets must either have not meant much to Tiger, had less hurtful info to reveal, or who cares? I don't know if I did anything before to help tiger line his pocket but I'll be careful to avoid doing do in the future.

I have to ask you people that are bashing ,throwing all these punches,butting in someone elses affairs..Just how many of you are innocent of any wrong doing.HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE SLAPPED YOUR CHILDREN, or how many have been drunk and maybe said something against your friend or neighbor,or how about,ran over a dog or cat and kept going.I believe if all you people put your energies together you could possibly stop world hunger,my point ,oh I thought you wanted raving,lol...do unto others what you would want others to do unto you.....none of you care about the ten commandments,but I would be willing to bet you go to your favorite church every week and ask for some kind of forgiveness..
I would say that unless he has done something to you,leave him and his troubles to him and his family.I can not even believe any or all of you combined can or ever will give as much hope and charity as what he has given ...What will you do if he packs his bags or even kills himself ,or anybody in his family can not take the stress you people are putting on them..
just think about it .He does not need any more money.A billion is enough .The only people that are going to win in this is the ones that want him to quit playing,so they can make all the money,even those that can not beat him,can lie about it...

I like Tiger and I always will. His personal life is his business and is just between he and Elin. I'm sure this unpleasant situation will mature him in a big way but I still think he is a great guy/athelete!!


What ever happened to scrupples, love, and honor for each other? I've got news for all the men that said women are replaceable...so are men. Everyone can be replaced...we all die and someone else will take our place. No one is indispensable. There are gold diggers in both sexes.

Hope dat pu$$y was worth it??? At this point he should have let her talk...
All the others are going to......

Seriously having been a mini-celebrity, you know the price of fame when you seek it. Nothing is private and you are WELL aware of it. People will always have their perceptions and rumors fly but your character is what keeps your head high. If you can look at yourself in the mirror at the end of the day, then it helps to fight the preexisting battles you face without immorality. If you choose to engage immorality, you know exactly what you are doing and you think that you are above anything. This guy was so full of himself, he didn't just let down the PGA, his sponsors, his endorsers, or his fans, he let down his family and most importantly his children. Perhaps he married for media publicity and wasn't ready, it doesn't matter he still has those responsibilities. He knows what commitment takes he's one of the best golfers in the world. He choice to completely disregard the lives of others. This scandal is only the beginning. Tiger is not that attractive but I'm sure there are many other girls out there (such as with Denzel, Jada and Will, Doug Christie, etc). His ego was stroked too much and he probably works his butt off so he felt justified in being self-serving instead of accepting that he chose this life and even with difficulty he most remain ethical. I too have been cheated on by an egotistical man who is average looking and was only sought after because of his large self-centered characteristics. When I had to confront these woman, none of them gave a crap about the family just their own image. Same thing. I believe in the family unit and have kept striving forward but I don't trust him. He doesn't know that and never will. I can have secrets too. Tiger deserves anything and everything that comes to him, we should no longer support him by not buying the products that endorse him. However, his wife and children do not deserve this but there is nothing that can be done about that now.