Aaron Hernandez of Florida Snags John Mackey Award

The Nassau County Sports Commission has announced Aaron Hernandez of Florida as the 2009 John Mackey Award recipient. The Southeastern conference junior recorded 59 receptions for 739 yards and four touchdowns while leading Florida to the 2009 Allstate Sugar Bowl. Hernandez becomes the second junior to ever receive the John Mackey Award.

Hernandez was named first team All SEC in 2009. He also tied the single game Florida record for receptions by a tight end with eight in the 2009 SEC Championship game. Hernandez, who is well known for his blocking ability and receiving prowess has totaled 102 receptions, 1,271 receiving yards and 11 touchdowns in his three year career with Florida.


BYUs Denis Pitta should have won the award.

I agree with the previous comment. Dennis Pitta is more deserving for this award. Dennis Pitta had more receptions, more yards per catch, more total yards, and more touchdowns. Dennis Pitta was first in every tight end statistical category except touchdowns, in which he was still ahead of Hernandez. This comes in spite of the fact that opponents have been focusing on Pitta all season because the running game was hampered with injuries, and BYU's top receiver left last year for the NFL. Pitta has been outshining all competition in spite of being at least double teamed on every play. Off the field, no one has a better reputation that Pitta. Also, academically BYU is a far more difficult school than Florida, and he has still shined.

I never heard of the award or any of the players. But since this about Florida, I need a Tiger update

I never heard of the award or any of the players. But speaking of Florida any updates on Tiger

Hernandez deserves it more than anybody ever not only is he the best TE in the country if he stays next year he might become the best player in the country!


Hernandez will be picking up Pitta's dirty laundry in the NFL. Pitta deserved it and college football is broken.

Hernadez led Flordia in receptions and receiving yards. Not to mention he was way more versitalile then Dickerson and Pitta. But Herendez on Boise State or Pitt he would have better numbers then both of them

Yeah, there's no good reason Dennis Pitta shouldn't have won this award. Hernandez is a fantastic tight end, but Dennis Pitta is better. He put up better numbers and was an integral part of BYU's passing game. But BYU is MWC and Florida is SEC....we know how this goes.

Hernandez, in my opinion deserved and earned this award. He is the best tight end in SEC as far as I am concerned.