LeBron James Gets a Win for His Birthday & a New Rolls Royce from Shaq

LeBron James celebrated his 25th birthday today by scoring an impressive 48 points for the Cleveland Cavaliers, leading the team to a victory over the Atlanta Haws, 106-101. The icing on the cake for the superstar forward was revealed post-game by his teammate Shaquille O'Neal.

After the game, Shaq said during the post-game show that he bought James a White Rolls Royce Phantom for this birthday. With an MSRP of over $400,000, that's quite the impressive gift.


he could have gave 80 needy family's $5000.


800 families at $5000 is 4 million, retard, the other guy was right... and that's called multiplication, not addition.

u stupid he probly only a kid and hes right or else he could of helped out ny


Hey SAD.

The poor and the needy should just go f themselves and die. A heroic person would've dropped a nuclear bomb in Africa and kill 90% of the population in tears and then shot himself dead out of guilt.

That would leave the entire continent with resources more than enough for 10% of the remaining, very healthy, very productive people. No wars, no famine.

Capitalism rocks.

80x5000=400,000...go back to school partna

Ouch, it must really suck when you think you are all smart correcting someones multiplication (no addition) when it was actually correct in the first place. You sir, are the dumbass.

2nd poster....you are an epic fail

ha 800 what a moron!

No player in the NBA does more for the needy then Shaq, some of you are despicable haters, always looking for something negative instead of the good in someone's heart. I bet if some of you had Shaq money, you wouldn't give a family member a dime.

Not only does he do a lot for the needy, he has a big heart. He just paid
for the funeral of the little girl that was murdered because the story touched him.
But the bigger point is this. It's HIS money. He earned it and can do with it what he wants. I don't tell you what to do with your money and you have no business telling him what he should or shouldn't do with his.

Thats all right boy especially when you give so much to charities.

A luxury car? I would have rather had something cheaper and more exiciting, an Audi R8!

I wish I was friends with Shaq!

Hey geniuses, it's DIVISION, not addition or multiplication...

400,000 DIVIDED BY 80 = 5,000

Haha what random comments on here. Fighting bout maths haha. Anyways cool present from Shaq, I bet Bron was happy with that...since he aint bringin the king a ring this season haha jokes.

It is simple math but the solution could be found in several ways, including addition, multiplication or division. It depends on how the problem is posed.

For example: what is the sum total of money paid to 80 families at $5000 a piece? That's a multiplication problem (or addition) for sure.



if you'd pay attention to the actual figures, i'm pretty sure that even the dumbest of you would get the right answer.

Shaq gave Lebron a $400,000 Rolls Royce. Congratulations to both of them for being great ambassadors of their sport. Leave the petty crap out of the conversation. Does anyone tell you what to do with your money?

Only the strong can really help the weak. Only the rich can really help the poor. $400K is better spent on a business in East Oakland giving teenagers jobs so they have something to look forward to than gang fights and shootings. Capitalism with Compassion. It is the thought that counts. Shaq could have just given Bron a clay pot Shaq made himself and big Shaq Hug. That would have been more touching.

Most white people are dumbasses anyway.

talk about a gift and all you dudes start going off on atemper tantrum funny shit lol

Reading the comments on Shaq giving away a Rolls, and other things about math. His money, Gives to others, now what are you doing to help anybody in this world. Yes he gives, and has created jobs. But we all need to reach back and help someone, no matter the color or gender. This world is not about blacks or whites, but a world where we matter to someone else as a true friendship. I am not rich by any means, but make sure to find someone to help every month of the year. It might be a kid in Mickey D's looking at their change and not having enought to eat. It might be the parent that ask me to coach their kid, and will pay. As I tell them, Your kid does not have a job. but you give them an allowence, and maybe one day they will take me to Mickey D's. Do things for the love of mankind, and lets stop the hating of anyone.

owwwwww. The most expensive birthday present in my life I've heard.