Photos of Upcoming Lebron James Nike Shoes Leaked; Featuring Lots of New York Love

There's no denying that superstar Cleveland Cavaliers forward Lebron James loves New York. The first tip-off to Clevelanders was the infamous wearing of the New York Yankees cap at an Indians playoff game. Since then, he's wasted no time reminding us all of just how much he loves NY, all while denying the ever-rampant rumors that he will be packing up and heading to the Big Apple when his contract in Cleveland expires at the end of this season. Leaked photos of an upcoming release of the Nike Air Max LeBron VII Low shoes send a clear message of love for NY, not the home of Rock n Roll or the town that supported him since his pre-NBA days.

This season, Nike also revealed the Nike Air Max LeBron VII Hardwood Classic edition shoes, which to those unfamiliar with Cavs history and their former colors, might look like Knicks-themed shoes. But nope, the old Cavs used to sport jerseys that were bright blue with the orange block-letter Cavs, and since Lebron actually wore them with the old throwback jersey, little else was read into it.

But the newest, yet-to-be released kicks are not only a bright orange and blue - the colors of the New York Knicks - but turning over the shoes also reveals an I "LOVE" NY message on the outsole, and inside on the insole is an L23 styled question mark. There's no doubt about the message that these shoes are sending.


Lebron will be a Knick.

I'm pretty sure these babies are going to end up in ton of sales.

the symbol on the bottom says i frown face new i take it as he doesnt want to be in new york

thats a lion you dumbshit

Douche. If it's a lion, it's still a frowning lion.
I doubt these shoes are real. But if they are, they definitely say, "I (the lion, king of the animal kingdom) hate NY."

lol that was awesome: " I 'lion king frownny face' New York"

awesome response lol

+ 1... it's been a while since a comment made me laugh out loud.

You gotta be kidding. Why would he go out of his way to include an emblem stating he hates New York? To me the mesage is " I am the king of New York". Which sounds like is LeBron's goal next year.

This is a way 4 nike to make new york spend money. Do u know that a year ago Lebron built a 15 million dollar extension on his house? Do u know his bike thru Akron is an yearly event AND is 10 minutes from his house. The whole New York thing is over rated! When he resigns w/ Cleveland it will be the be the greatest thing to happen in Cleveland since the draft lotto fell our way. Lebron is more then a sports figure here. He is the man. His presentance in cleveland creates jobs and makes Cleveland a better pl;ace. Say what you want but I pray he signs an extension w/ Clevland.



I'm impressed! That word looks luxurious! As soon as I find out what it means I'm going to work it into conversations and job interviews.
I expect my life to get better, immediately.

I hope he resigns with Cleveland but I think Lebron is pretty foul for stoking this "he's leaving to NY" fire! He's wrong for holding the fans of Cleveland hostage! I have NO PROBLEM with him excercising his options but him stoking those fires i.e. wearing a Yankees cap to a Indians baseball game is DISPICTABLE!!! If he leaves a championship contending team to start over with a horrible franchise like the Knicks. I will NEVER respect lebron ever again and that show he clearly cares NOTHING about winning!!!

That symbol is not a frown face. It is a picture of a lion, an image he uses as part of his branding, King James.

Lebron wants multiple championships how is he gonna get that in New York huh.

How in New York? Thats to be determioned how ever he already knows it isn't ever happinging in loserville (Cleveland).

The shoe was designed as a throw back shoe. The cavs colors back in the eighties and nineties were blue and orange (like the Virginia Cavaliers college team). They are wearing the uniform colors as well as the old CAVS logo as special event uniforms, celebating their 40th year as a franchise. Here's hoping the NY suckers keep buying the stuff, as they are the second largest buying segment of Nike Lebron goods. Making him so rich, he don't even have to leave home. Watch what happens to sales when the new cavs minority owner starts flexing his chinese muscle! Whatta marketplace, can you say billionaire?

You should know what you talking about before you call Knicks fans suckers. As per Alan Hahn and Nike, these shoes are fake. You are the sucker. Happy New Year.

lebron is a new.............jersey net
lebron is a new.............jersey net
lebron is a new.............jersey net
lebron is a new.............jersey net

LeBron will be playing in Kampaniakos Salonica

Man, thats one ugly shoe right there...eeecccchhh

The shoes actually have a lion with a crown. It doesn't mean I love NY it means I'm the King of NY. Get it straight!

I Lowenbrau NY ?

HAHA thats great


That lion is frowning, LBJ grew up here, lives here, owns CLE. HE does that the key to the city... If he went to NY he would be a shadow in all of there stars, he is ZUES here. NO way hes leaving

You cleveland fans might as well get used to seeing lebron in orange and blue because there is no way he can turn down a chance to play in the mecca of the basketball world, NYC baby!!!

NYC hasn't been the mecca of basketball for a long time. Few great players come out of NY, its college teams stink, who cares about the pre or post season NIT and the Knicks are a horrible organization. It is sad and I am not putting down NY but it is reality.

Before the Knicks get Lebron or anyone else, they need to be sold or at least Dolan needs to cease having anything to do with them.

Question: have you seen what 'Cuse has done this year? Seriously? The college teams stink?

Do some more research buddy.

Guess you missed the Big East Tourny last year, and the epic between New York's own Syracuse and UConn???

It's marketing. My god. It means nothing. The man knows how to sell shoes. The knicks fans will eat it up. Just like the comments read.

This is strictly about money and how he can create a buzz to sell shoes, keep him in the news, generate money talks to either stay in Cleveland or go to NY. It's also got us talking about it and describing his King James brand and most of you don't realize that you are marketing it for him. His people are really working it like pros! He can go to NY and they can build around him, he just turned 25 and has plenty of time to win multiple titles in a large market team like NY. He won't get lost as one person says in NY, he is a large fish in the NBA so you can't compare him to any other sports in NY. He will actually elevate the Knicks to the spotlight once again.

Oh well, i enjoy molesting dead animals anyways so if ledouche goes, the bitch goes!

go new york!

if he goes to new york its for the money.....probably a one year deal 20+ million dollars.....he probably gona stay their until a team that can afford him and has a good overall team comes up.....duh......

Hahaha learn a little about contracts and then reply. Speaking without knowing any facts is called ignorance. The Cavs can offer LBJ more money than any other team in 2010. Shutchamouf baby.

Yay, you're right! But who are they gonna pay to play alongside him? It will be Garnett in Minnesota all over again. Lebron will never win a title for Cleveland. Just ask Mark Price how that quest went. Hometown kid is now a man and wants to play for a great coach.

but lebron is turnin to a douch so it dont a hardcore cleveland fan.......but even i kno if he leaves the team is gona suck......more or less like last years(2008) clippers......cause mo williams is gona go 2 once his contract expires.....hes good enough to go to a team wit better opportunities......or mike brown is gona trade him 4 2 other players that can fill up lebrons spot

This is the biggest scam ever. LBJ is going to the Jazz or some other all-white team to help them not suck so bad.

That symbol on the bottom is Jesus frowning so as to say "I'm sorry I can't play with you. I would just slow you down".

In any case, those shoes resemble spray-painted human shit. In fact, I thought I had seen them before.

Moreover, LeBron being a Billionaire? Why not? We all know the only athlete that can smile bigger than him is Tiger. Unfortunately for him, he can't help it. Being part horse (no, not that part) obviously has its disadvantages.

You guys actually think LeBron would reveal the news on who he will sign for in 2010 on the bottom of a SHOE?!

Come on, man. Be realistic. This is not a sign. LeBron didn't design this shoe. Some flaming homo in a penthouse suite in Manhatten did. It doesn't mean he's going to NY. It doesn't mean he's NOT going to NY. It's a shoe, not an omen. Wake up people.

u dumb fucks, that LION represents "KING" aka "I am the King of NY"
I hope Lebron winds up in NY :)

He's already the king of NY! Everytime he visits, he owns the Knicks (and the Nets for that matter)!

first of all these shoes suck secondly who gives a frack if its a lion or whatever u guys r fags get a life

Wow.. if that aint dramatic foreshadowing then I dont know what is.

Although it is true Lebron can obtain the largest contract in Cleveland, it is only approximately 3 million less than he would receive from Cleveland annually. When other business factors are weighed into the equation.. it would be a no brainer for him to come to NY. Millions and millions in endorsements to go along with whatever else he'll be making. Probably some movies and all that nonsense as well. Lebron James has been the man in Cleveland and he would definitely be the big man in town in NY and get respect wherever he goes in town. He already has huge ads in Manhattan with his face all over the place.
These shoes may possibly have been a marketing ploy for him to get more business from mouth watering Knicks fans, but the reality is... that if he was actually to come to NY his sales would balloon tenfold.

You guys realize these shoes are fake and come from a website owned by a college student correct? Funny how a kid can literally go create a shoe on the Nike website, copy and paste on is personal Lebron website. FYI, perhaps you should check your sources. The website has a full disclaimer stating they have no affiliation whatsoever with Lebron or Nike.

why would they be colored blue and orange if he's not going to new york, i think he's just trying to confuse us all with them

hey tards its a blatant rip-off. regardless of the fact that "bron-bron" didn't go to college or have to do any of his high school work, nobody is possibly dumb enough to throw out a new york reference on their future shoes. the image was leaked and somebody super-imposed that stupid logo on there so people can have message boards like this. end of story.

only new yorkers who has the worst nba organization will fall for this shit...these are fake.

theyre real nike will tell u so , and it dont say he hate ny it says he i sthe king of ny that why there is a tiger there

I think u fall under the title of your reply.
1. spell check please.
2. it's a lion, not a tiger.
3. forget it, it won't help anyway.