Casino Dealer School to Open in Cleveland Next Spring

After Ohio voters overwhelming approved a measure to bring casinos to the state, many residents have been flocking to Michigan for training - where Indian casinos have been around since the early 1990's and Detroit casinos for a little over a decade. Students in the classes are hoping that the training will give them an edge over other applicants when the casinos finally open in Ohio, which is expected to happen by 2012.

The ABC School of Bartending and Casino College in southeastern Michigan trains students how to deal cards, manage a game of blackjack, count poker chips and other skills needed to work in a casino. They have a bartending school in Columbus and plan to add casino courses to that school, as well as open a new school in Cleveland next spring.

With the high unemployment rate in the region, the casinos offer a chance at gaining employment. And with a majority of the jobs promised to be granted to Ohioans, classes that give one the skills to work in a casino will undoubtedly provide an edge.

In November 2009, Ohio voters approved a state constitutional amendment to allow for casinos to be built in Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and Toledo.


Traditional casinos are not the answer. They bring low wage and low skill jobs to a community. I have spent my life working in casinos and the future is online gambling. The online casinos are maintained by highly skilled computer technicians. It is time to legalize and tax them.
rob pete

Way too close to a school and residential zoning. These need to be moved further away from residents-- not TOWARD them imo