Johnny Depp - Most Stylish Man According to GQ

Johnny Depp has nabbed the title as the Most Stylish Man in the World. Mens magazine GQ will count down their top 25 guys with style in their Feburary magazine. Simon Doonan, creative director for Barneys, says about the movie star:

"you wait for Johnny Depp, because he's always going to look super-groovy and unconventional. ... It doesn't matter if Johnny Depp's lying in a ditch — he's always going to look incredible."

Want to know who else made the GQ list? You can pick up a copy and find out for yourself on January 26th.


Don't know about the most stylish part... but he is certainly handsome.

Dont know about the most stylish but maybe the most weird

Talk to him, he already saved us from our sins, we just have to take the time to accept & truely live in his footsteps.