Cleveland's Playboy Playmate Reportedly Died of Heroin Overdose

More details are emerging on the death of Jennifer Jackson. Jackson, who appeared as a Playboy Playmate as a centerfold model in April 1989, died of a heroin overdose according to FOX 8 News. Her body was discovered this morning by her husband in Westlake home and was only 39 years old.

The last few years have been troubling for the former beauty. She had been arrested 4 times in the last five years with the most recent run in with the law coming in March of last year.

No word on the funeral arrangements for the girl that was once refrerd to by a local magazine as "Cleveland's Playmate".


i knew jen real well.she tried to see her child becca quite often but there was always conditions set by the babys dad who she had a troubled relation with.most of us have set times set by a court.jen rules were set by her ex,his way or no way.he damanded sex,and what they would do and not really contributed to her addiction and made her very sad .i was lucky to have my ex finnally come around and let me and my daughter ,finnally be alone no rules it was one on one my daughter and was my ex has passed and its only mydaughter and i.jen hated being controlled by her ex and only becca suffered.jen moved on but he didnt shame on him