$400 Million Earmarked for Ohio's 3C Rail Project

President Barack Obama's administration has revealed that they've earmarked $400 for Ohio's 3C rail project that would link Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton and Cincinnati by high-speed rail.

The total estimated cost of improving existing freight rail to passenger standards is $517.6 million, and Ohio officials are banking on federal stimulus money to see the plan to fruition. They will also use some of the money to buy trains.

Ohio Democratic senator Sharrod Brown said:

“This is some of the best news we have had in a long time. If I put my ear down to the rail I think I hear a train coming.”


an old idea that should have never ended.
can't wait to take the train.

You don't have to wait. Take Amtrak to DC, New York or Boston from Cleveland.
You'll be surprised how great it already is. Neat clean stations; as much room in coach as the airlines give you in first class; plug your laptop into the wall; stretch your legs and walk around; beautiful scenery; and you get dropped off in the center of town (well except that the Cleveland Amtrak station is too isolated); lovely scenery...

However it is still woefully underfunded and there aren't enough trains to make it a dependable option for most. Speed + frequency +dependable schedules will make it work better. nothing else is needed imo.

It presently onlys work as a viable option for folks who have the luxury to lallygag during a vavcation & spend a whole day traveling east or west from Clev-O.

I say drop a station "INSIDE THE TERMINAL AT HOPKINS" and this will work.

Through all the hype, I still have not had anyone give me a good reason why I would pay twice as much to take twice as long as taking my car, and the having to deal with finding transportation once I get to my destination terminal.

Let me guess, you're going from Strongsville to Dublin.

For people going from population center to population center, it makes sense, especially since Cleveland already has good public transportation.

For the elderly or those who cannot drive for some reason, it is possibly their ONLY option.

Further, I'm willing to bet you have no idea the cost of driving your car. Here's a hint: it's more than just the cost of the gas. Also, there's the minor detail that you don't have to be engaged in driving during the trip. You're free to relax, sleep, eat, or do work.

This idea is terrible. It's slower and more expensive than driving and would force freight rail onto trucks, adding more congestion to highways. Plus $17 million in anual subsidies? You got to be kidding right?

Well the people want it done.Its geting done.Beside 17 mill compare 2bill on Highways/ Roads is not bad at all. And pollution on the rise due to increase useage of cars in rual and suburban communties due to lack of funding in public transport