Lindsay Lohan Goes Topless for the First Time in New Movie

Lindsay Lohan has gone topless in a movie for the very first time in her career - something that everyone should have seen coming given the abysmal state of her career in recent years. During a scene in her upcoming movie Machete, LiLo goes skinny-dipping.

*Click image to view larger version.

As gun-toting socialite April Benz in Robert Rodriguez's new action film, many critics see the scene and the movie as an attempt to revive her career.

After achieving fame with Freaky Friday and Mean Girls, Lohans life began to spiral out of control, with multiple run-ins with police, drugs, drinking, and a turbulent relationship with DJ Samantha Ronson.

Lindsay likely won't win herself an Oscar with her new role, but she may win over male fans once more.


You have made a HUGE mistake, this is not Lindsay. Go to youtube and search for 'Machete' Trailer-non-bootleg about 1.45 in you see the two girls and its not Lindsay. Also this was taken from the Grindhouse ads made in 2006. This so called Machete clip was put on you tube in 2006-2007.


oh for heaven sakes...that IS NOT Lindsay Lohan lol! and who is the gross guy is what i am focusing on...lets hope she wouldn't degrade herself anymore than she already has and if she does decide to go topless in a movie let's hope she looks better than either one of those two... and also not with some guy that looks like he just crawled out from a cave!!

so what happened to the topless free campaign of women.?

That is from the original fake trailer. Definitely not Lindsey

k i literally JUST watched this movie in theatres :| you see her face and boobs at the same timeso if its a body double they did some srious photoshop overlay video

Linds' boobs are bigger than those. ROFL

Grow up. Lindsay has got b@@bs and willing to show. I bave seen the inflight movie in virgin atlantic and I am gonna collect the movie just for her b@@bies


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