China Puts Moms to Work Looking for Porn Sites

China's new weapon against Internet pornography has been revealed - mothers. The Chinese governement hired sixty mothers to form a so-called "Mom-jury" charged with surfing the web for porn sites that are too idecent for young web surfers.

The moms are assigned the task of finding out all the sites that are potentially offensive and accessible to children, and then alert government watchdog agencies to take further action. There are reportedly 200 more mothers ready to join in the hunt for porn sites.

This latest endeavour is a part of China's campaign to "purify the social environment", which began on December 8 and has led to the shut down and blocking of 15,000 web sites. The campaign is expected to wrap up in May.

In a statement released Thursday, the Chinese Supreme People's Court said:

"The flooding lewd information online has seriously harmed the growth of minors, undermined social morality and resulted in crimes."

In recent months, China has become more aggressive in policing the Internet. They've also been accussed of backing January's hacker attacks on Google's Chinese language search engine, which Google says targeted the email accounts of human rights activists. Google has threatened to pull its offices from China over the attacks and web censorship issues.

During a visit to Paris, Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi attempted to calm the international furor over the country's Internet policies, stating:

"The Internet in China is completely open and China is one of the most dynamic markets in the field of Internet."


I have heard a little bit about this strange "weapon". I have a friend which worked in such program with Hailey Young but she was not satisfied with such work. Anyway I hope that this program will be effective in the future. Thanks a lot for this essential information and keep up publishing it in the future.