Girl Next Door Met Tiger Woods at 14, Later Slept with Him

Tiger Woods return to professional golf has not been without more women coming for to reveal his misdeeds. The latest young woman to reveal her affair with Woods is a Raychel Coudriet, now 22, who first met the golfer at age 14 and had a one-night stand with him last year.

Coudriet lives right next door to Woods with her parents. According to the National Enquirer, her sexual encounter with Woods left her "shaken and humiliated". She says she bedded him on a couch in his office near a crib for one of his kids, just one mile from his Florida home.

Tiger is said to have hit on the girl in his car, just yards from where his wife - Elin Nordegren - was taking care of his kids.

The National Enquirer reports that Coudriet went into a rage when last year it was revealed that Woods had bedded more than a dozen other women. Last month, while she was home for spring break, she cornered Tiger and reportedly told him, "I feel extremely violated by what you did to me!" Tiger responded, "Sorry about that."

According to the Enquirer, Woods had his eye on the neighbor girl for quite some time. A source told the magazine that he invited her to play golf, and even made a crude joke about her "cleaning his golf balls." The source added:

"She was infatuated with him. They exchanged phone numbers. ... Then he began texting her."


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