TMZ Reporter Says LeBron James Will Sign With the Knicks

Phoenix Suns forward Jared Dudley, who does some reporting work on the side for gossip site TMZ, says LeBron James is heading the New York Knicks. They write:

Jared just phoned into TMZ Live ... and revealed that his top secret NBA sources have information directly from the Knicks ... that LeBron has informed team officials that he will be joining the team.

Here is the full audio report from Dudley.



I do not trust TMZ

tmz has broke many many sports stories. eg. tiger woods scandle

The National Enquirer broke the Tiger Woods story. Nice try.

If I find out this a lie, I'm puttin a hit out on jared dudley's knees

This dude Jared Dudley don't know what the hell he talking about. He is in the dark like everybody else. I hope ya'll didn't pay him for this yet!!