Pennsylvania Gets Wine Vending Machines to Skirt Old Liquor Laws

Antiquated and complicated liquor laws have long made it difficult to purchase a bottle of wine in the state of Pennsylvania, but thanks to new wine vending machines, it's become a whole lot easier. The state recently unveiled the United States' first wine kiosks, or vending machines.

In Pennsylvania, the law prohibits the sales of wine in grocery stores. It can only be sold in a state-owned store. Thanks to the new machines, however, consumers can buy wine with the groceries by swiping an ID, looking in a camera, and blowing into a breathalyser to prove their sobriety. There's also a $1 convenience fee tacked onto the wine's price.

Okay, so it's not really that simple, but it does make it possible for Pennsylvanians to buy wine at the grocery store like most of the rest of the US. Despite the technological advancement, residents still won't be able to purchase wine on Sundays or holidays.

State employees remotely monitor the machines and checks your face to make sure that it matches that on your ID. According to officials, the process takes a mere 20 seconds.

The new kiosks are being tested in two stores, and could expand to 100 others if successful.