Woman with the World's Largest Breasts Forced to Relinquish Her Title

Sheyla Hershey of Houston, Texas broke the world record when she got breast implants in a size 38KKK. The Brazilian model has had over 30 breast augmentations over the years, and the one she most recently had is likely to force her to relinquish her reign as the world's largest-breasted woman.

Hershey flew to her native Brazil to have another breast surgery in June. Unfortunately, she contracted a severe staph infection in both of her breasts. She returned to Texas for medical assistance and the doctor there said that she would be in danger of death if the infection spread.

An aggressive course of antibiotics has helped stop the infection in one breast, but hasn't worked on the other. Yesterday, she underwent surgery to have the latest implants removed.

She's not out of the woods yet, but if she pulls through and beats the infection maybe she'll learn her lesson and cool on the implants. If it's not already obvious, getting cosmetic surgery that a US doctor wouldn't do in Brazil is a really bad idea.


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She is so freakin beautiful, I hope she is ok. Thought the biggest boobs in the world belonged to Maxi Mounds who's a porn star. Either way this girl is beautiful, I hope she's ok...

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Woman with the World's Largest Breasts Forced to Relinquish Her Title,because she's full of bullshit.If those are the worlds largest,then what that me-the worlds most extra largest ?Good article ?Why ?They just repeted whats been said every where else.This woman just trying to grab headlines.

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