Cleveland Fans Buy Anti-Lebron James Billboard

Only in Cleveland: disgruntled Cavaliers fans have purchased a large billboard near Lebron James' home in Akron. Less than a month ago, the stretch of Ohio spanning Cleveland to Akron was filled with billboards begging James' to stay in Cleveland, but after he announced his decision to head to Miami on national TV, fans are no longer feeling the love.

One local marketing company is now hoping to make sure that James knows that he may be welcome in Akron, where he was born and raised, but that he's no longer "home."

The billboard reads: "Welcome Home LeBron,"with a big red 'X' over "home". The second line of the billboard poses a question: "How does it feel to be a sidekick?," which is a nice reference to his decision to join Dwayne Wade with the Miami Heat. Lastly, the message ends with "Go Cleveland!" in gold lettering.

The billboard, which was purchased by the Omada Group in Akron for $3,000, will be up for about a month. It is located on Route 18 between I-71 and I-77 two miles from James' home in Bath. James is scheduled to return to the area next weekend for his annual bike-a-thon charity event and may very likely pass the billboard on the ride from Cleveland-Hopkins Int'l Airport to his home.


1 He may very likely NOT pass the billboard from Cleveland airport.
2 He will probably land at Akron Canton airport and not step foot in Cleveland.

3. Your a douche

Good thing the article clearly states the Billboard is near his HOME IN AKRON. Right genius?

its near his house by Bath township

It's two miles from his home....geez #1 is an idiot.

It's two miles from his home....geez #1 is an idiot.

It's two miles from his home....geez #1 is an idiot.

It may only be 2 miles away from his house but I think there would be very little reason for LeBron to drive farther west on 18 than his house.

If that's what you'd like to call them. I am a Cleveland Cavs fan, and I'd like to think if he does see it he smiles. For every finger we point at someone, there are three pointing back at us. Good luck in Miami, Labron!

Come on.Learn.

lebron will drop 80 on the cavs first game in Quicken Loans. i'm not a lebron supporter, i'm just saying it because you know it's true. i know it's not everyone who is still so salty about this, but for those who are: it might be time to grow up and get over this.

I dislike the guy for the insulting way he announced his decision. It was rude. I don't need to grow up or to get over it. I behave well and he did not. I don't go out of my way to pick on him but I do not have to like him at all. Same is true of Vick, Kobe and the other jerks.

"Same is true of Vick, Kobe and the other jerks." How about putting a certain Ben Roethlisberger in that list?

HAHAHHAHAHAHA CAV fans are still crying, hahahahahah get over it morons, bunch of babies is what you are

You're post sends off quite a bit of immaturity.

I look forward to what the future holds.