Lebron James Can't Make a Shot at Cedar Point; Gets Booed

Lebron James was in Ohio again this week, and on Monday headed out to Cedar Point for some fun. James decided to play one of the basketball games at the amusement park, and his presence and lack of skills did not go unnoticed.

While Lebron tried to win a nominal prize for making a basket, a woman yelled out, "I bet you miss!". Then a man also chimed in, taunting, "Bron, shoot left-handed; your elbow hurts!" Every time Lebron missed a shot, the crowd reacted. One fan even quipped "Just like Game 5" when James missed.

James, a two-time NBA league MVP, missed all three of the shots he attempted at Cedar Point. Check out the video above. Judging by fan behavior at Cedar point, his return to Cleveland in December when the Heat take on the Cavs will be interesting to say the least...