Shape-Up Shoes Don't Work; May Actually Cause Harm

If you were amongst the many consumers who shelled out around $100 for Sketchers Shape-Ups, or other similar "leg toning" shoes, you'll be bummed by this news: The American Council on Exercise says that the shoes don't perform miracles and could actually harm you.

The council states their findings:

"There is simply no evidence to support claims that these shoes will help wearers exercise more intensely, burn more calories or improve muscle strength and tone."

What the Shape-Ups and other similar toning shoes all have in common is an "unstable sole design, which forces the wearer's body to constantly struggle to find an equilibrium or balance point." While many who wear the shoes report feeling sore after wearing them, insisting that it must be working, researchers say that the wearers only feel sore because they are using different muscles than they would normally walking in regular shoes.

If you want toned calves, tight abs and a butt to die for, you'll have to work for it. Walking around in goofy looking shoes just isn't going to cut it.