Joe Jonas' Purity Ring is Conspicuously Missing with New Girl Ashley Greene

The Jonas' brothers' purity rings have been a huge part of their images. The three brothers vowed not to have sex until marriage. Kevin Jonas married his longtime girlfriend, Danielle Deleasa, last year, so he's free to have sex. Sources say , however, that Joe has been spending a lot of time lately with actress Ashley Greene, but that he's not been wearing his purity ring.

The two have been spotted together throughout the summer, and friends say that they are getting serious. Speaking with Life & Style magazine, a friend said:

"When they're not traveling, they're basically living together."

Could Nick Jonas be the only "pure" Jonas brother left?!


I feel so sorry for Ashley. She is sleeping with a man who has no idea what he is doing in bed (he a virgin b4 the hook up, no?)... Sure, he will learn a lot from her, that's his upside. But what's in it for her? Unless she gets off deflowering 20-something virgins, she is getting nothing out of it... well, not physically anyway (he doesn't look like he is endowed at all, a babydick is all I can imagine hanging between those spindly legs of his)... perhaps the money he's got stashed away in the bank might be an incentive, that is if he hasnt forked it all over to Rick Warren in order to bankroll the Uganda homosexual genocide, which I hear the Jonas Bros are all for....

You're embarrassing yourself. You should shut up. Joe hasn't been a virgin for a long time, doesn't have "spindley" legs, and is rumored to be very well-hung. Nor does he personally want shit to do with Rick Warren. His father's beliefs are not his own. You clearly thought you were being insulting, but really, you're just pathetic.

people just can t believe and always try to say all the purity thing is fake... they don t believe because they are not virgin...just it . I learned that 90% things that media trying to say is wrong . so if joe says he is still virgin I believe him not these crazy rumors which happends every year ...again and again ... He is still virgin . I know you don t believe me ... that's my opinion ! continue ur crazy rumor thing ... it was just a interruption!

I believe you. 100% i'm wiht you all the way. He didn't ditch it i'm sure he has it on him, maybe in his pocket or maybe on a necklace like Nick. I really doubt Joe going to do anything stupid. I don't know him for him, but do know that he's not going to break the promise he made to God. Plus they said the same thing about his brother Nick, but Nick has it on him on his neck lace so maybe Joe's doing the same thing. Again my opinion. To be honest i don't think Joe and Ashley are dating, if they are i don't think they'll last. My opinion

Thanks, you are a breath of fresh air. When I read your post, I relaxed and smiled because someone put it so well.

These Boy-Mileys are ridiculass, even more rediculass because they reach to the prepubescent market of 7 year olds and are adults. It would be one thing if they were Michale Jackson (that is talented), but natural talent vs. produced boy band christian parent pimped pigmy wanna bees that compare themselves to the greats are well, not serious. They are simply McPopstars and a few million idiots keep buying this short greasy shit (for their kids because they belong to the church of Disney and TV and have no intellect themselves) because thats all they sell at the drive through TV restaurant. I feel sorry for these beautiful young girls that will be humiliated when they mature that they ever considered these girl jeans wearing Jonas curly fries! That chick is drop dead gorgeous, please honey, save yourself for real life - don't get slimed in the Jonas bus. The Jonas that makes me laugh is the serious egocentric one in the middle who is a classic middle child, no talent and ignored. I have a young daughter, this is why I have knowledge at all of these see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil Jonas monkey boys. She doesnt like them either, she is embarrassed for them.

EXCUSE ME... ImpureNonJonasDude

First off I am sick of people trying to tear down well rounded celebs who are living their dreams and doing NOTHING wrong! Joe Jonas would NEVER have sex before marriage! I have met his father a few times and he has raised his childern with good values and morals! Joe, and Nick do not wear their rings all the time ok, there is no reason why they have to wear them every second of the day! As long as Joe, and Nick know to stay pure they can do whatever they want and we as fans or if your not a fan should have respect for someone who would save themselfs for marriage! I was at 2 of the Jonas Brothers Road Dogs games a few weeks ago and Joe and Nick were both wearing their rings! Ok so please just leave good people alone! Thanks!

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I will definitely agree with you there. Joe and Nick will not break their vow to god for no girl. I saw Joe's on his finger during their 2010 tour and Nick's usually wears his on his diabetic dog tag. Any girl who ends up marrying Nick and Joe should consider themselves very lucky, as should Kevin's wife Danielle. The girl who winds up with Nick and the girl that winds up with Joe are going to have great husbands. Joe and Nick will not sleep with anyone beforehand because it's against their religion, and in case anyone doesn't know anything 'bout the Jonas Brothers, they are very religious. So all ya Jonas haters keep your negative comments to yourself.

Ashley and Joe aren't getting serious abou a relatioship.

honestly every time one of these rumors pops up ive got to laugh. jeeze were'd you come up with this crap. what a waste of time. stop picking on the jonas brothers and go write about something that has real FACTS in it.

oh my god. i love joe jonas and all... BUT WHO SERIOUSLY CARES????? he can go have sex. whatever, i'm christian, but really, he's just a guy. go find something better to do than worry about some guy you're NEVER GOING TO MEET having sex.

Look. They all have their own beliefs, whether they choose to stay pure or not. Kevin and Joe are of age, Nick turns 18 on the 16th so he will be of age too. They all wanted to keep the purity thing private and it got out... No one should know there business anyway, especially a touchy subject like being pure. They are being unfairly judged for that, and everything they do. Cut them all some slack and give them breathing room.

He wears it around his neck at times. So what if he doesn't wear it? It's his choice. You also don't have to wear a purity ring to be pure. Dumbasses. I love all of the Jonases, but they are people. Shut up and let them live. Although if he did have sex with Ashley, I would be mad because I hate her. But if she makes him happy, go ahead Joe. But I'd rather it be Demi.