Jerome Harrison, Colt McCoy, & Lawrence Vickers Talk About Upcoming Game Against Chiefs

RB Jerome Harrison

(On if his game against Kansas City last season has changed his life as a football player)- “Not really. You just hear about it more, that’s about it. How I go about playing the game and preparing and my outlook on the sport? No, not at all. Not yet at least.”

(On if he has any insight to what Romeo Crennel will try to do defensively having previously played for him)- “No, that was awhile ago. Like I said, I will take my hat off to him. He’s a great coach, I have a ton of respect. He gave me a chance to play in this league by drafting me, so I have a ton of respect for Romeo.”

(On if the offense changes if Seneca has to start)- “Not at all. All offseason, I’ve been preaching that you have got to respect Jake (Delhomme) and Seneca. Seneca has a great arm and has got a lot more mobility than Jake, nothing against Jake. The offense doesn’t change at all. Seneca can make the same throws and everything else that Jake can do.”

QB Colt McCoy

(On his progression)- “It’s been a learning experience through the whole camp, training camp and preseason games. One of the things that I’ve had to work on is just not knowing when you are going to go in, but always being ready. Always mentally being in tuned into the game and kind I kind of worked through that along the preseason. That’s kind of the situation that it’s going to be now. If Jake (Delhomme) doesn’t play, if his ankle is not ready, then you are one play away. I just always have to be in tune. I just always have to be ready, making sure your arm is loose on the side because you never know what’s going to happen.”

(On people being critical of his preseason play)- “For me, I really don’t pay attention to outside and what people say. I try to really stay focused on me and my teammates and my coaches and what I can do to be the best for my team. I do feel like I made a pretty big jump from the first game through the last game. There were a lot of situations through the preseason, a lot of things, that really is your practice. It really is the reps that you get. Being able to finish strong, being able to complete all of my passes in the last game, that definitely builds confidence for me, but also builds confidence in the locker room with guys on the team. They see your progression and they see what you have done. You really just have to continue to work, continue to improve and really study, really work hard, really learn from Jake, Seneca (Wallace), Coach (Brian) Daboll and Coach (Carl) Smith and just keep working. I’m a rookie, there’s always room for improvement, there’s always ways that you can be better, there’s always things that can be better. I have just got to keep a good attitude and keep moving.”

FB Lawrence Vickers

(On if last year’s rushing performance versus Kansas City is in the back of his mind)- “It does not exist to me, it’s not in my head. I’m trained to think of this week and this week only, and that’s all I think about. Last year does not exist to me, it’s a totally different year. I have to worry about what’s going on right now. What’s going on right now is Romeo Crennel has that defense playing great and I have got to get myself together and make sure I do everything possible before Sunday to get right for that defense.”

(On if the home opener means more to him than a normal game)- “Yes it does. It’s the first game at home and I’m expecting a good crowd. I want to give them something to come back for. We need that crowd, regardless of what anybody thinks. We need our fans, our fans do a lot for us at home and we need that. I’m expecting a lot and I want big things that happen so they could come back.”