Pat Riley Drops the Hammer on LeBron James

Miami Heat President and Free Agency Mastermind, Pat Riley

LeBron James spent the first 7 years of his NBA career controlling nearly every aspect of his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers. Many wondered if this would continue with the Miami Heat under the watch of NBA LEGEND, Pat Riley. The answer is a RESOUNDING NO!

According to local Cleveland radio host, Michael Reghi with ESPN 850 WKNR, LeBron James has had his privileges revoked by Pat Riley. Reghi was the Cavaliers play by play announcer for the first few years of LeBron James’ career and was removed when Dan Gilbert purchased the team. He has watched LeBron James very closely, has inside knowledge regarding the team and its operations and still has various contacts within the NBA.

For those who are not aware, LeBron James received tremendous, and sometimes inappropriate, benefits from the Cavaliers organization. They will now try to downplay it in order to minimize any repercussions with the league office and to minimize their feeling of embarrassment, but it is certainly accurate. For YEARS, LeBron James was given preferential tickets for his family and friends, locker room and team flight access for his friends (including Maverick Carter and LRMR), and even jobs and cars for part of LeBron’s entourage. In addition, LeBron regularly controlled the team’s schedule and flight itinerary in order to accommodate his ability to stay an extra night when the Cavs played in L.A., NY, Miami, New Orleans, Atlanta, etc. This happened quite often during the year and over his 7 years in Cleveland. Some of this was grandfathered in by Gilbert upon his acquisition of the team and some of it was added in an attempt to keep LeBron happy and improve the chances of resigning him to a long-term deal.

Honestly, who could blame Dan Gilbert or the Cavaliers. LeBron is a great player and WAS a Cleveland Icon. The organization was handcuffed and were forced to continually roll over and give LeBron, his friends, and his family ridiculous benefits in an attempt to keep him. According to Reghi, Pat Riley has put an immediate stop to this type of benefit for LeBron James. One of LeBron’s friends was given, for all intents and purposes, a seat on the Cavs bench for EVERY game and several of his friends were permitted to fly on the team plane and stay in the team hotel. Pat Riley has not allowed this type of benefit, let alone the jobs and cars provided to LeBron’s friends and family and reports are that LeBron is PISSED.

Reghi indicated that this source said LeBron is very unhappy that these benefits are not being provided and that he’s starting to regret his decision to leave. In addition, in one of Miami’s final pre-season games this year against the New Orleans Hornets, LeBron is said to have approached an Assistant GM and requested that the team stay an extra night in New Orleans. When asked why, LeBron is said to have given his typical response in these instances…. to party and to hang out on Bourbon Street with Chris Paul. The Assistant GM is said to have called Pat Riley who said for “everyone get your asses back to Miami immediately”. This again, is said to have rubbed LeBron the wrong way.

As I mentioned before, Maverick Carter and LRMR were given incredible access, influence, and benefit with the Cavaliers during the LeBron James era. But in Miami, they are not allowed the same benefits or latitude and LeBron, THE ENTITLED ONE, is not very happy with Riley or with his new team. LeBron may adjust and learn to live with Riley’s groundrules, but it’s honestly doubtful that he’ll do so happily. He knows with the criticism he took this summer that he can ill afford to appear even MORE selfish and like even more of an asshole so he’ll keep quiet. But if you have paid any attention to who LeBron is and what he’s about, you’ll know that he will not take this well.

It's absolutely the right move for Riley as he has a chance to cut this type of BS out before it starts, whereas Dan Gilbert inherited much of it. If history tells us anything about Riley, we also know that he is only about ONE THING….. WINNING. Pat Riley doesn’t give 2 shits about spending the team’s off day in New Orleans for an extra night so LeBron can party with his BFF. But if history has told us anything about LeBron, it’s that he is ABSOLUTELY about this type of thing and he will not take it lightly.

LeBron will NEVER admit it because he’s too stubborn, too proud, and is honestly too hurt from the backlash he received nationwide and in Cleveland, but I think he’s starting to see that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.


Reghi also said his sources were sure LeBron was coming back. So take it with a grain of salt.

I work for the Cavs and this entire article has been confirmed by several inside sources, including team members with contacts in Miami. It is legit, and not to be taken with a grain of salt. Do your HW before you send out a stupid post.

LBJ will do more harm than good in Miami

To the person that says this is credible, please let me know your name and what your position is in the Cavs Organization. Infact I also work for the Cavs, I'm the janitor, hahaha, stfu...

1. This article reads as though it was written by a fan,possibly by the idiot who wrote comment #2 on this page.
2. Lebron may not be getting the exact same perks in Miami as he did in Cle, but you can bet your ass that he is being catered too every second of the day.
3. This article is not convincing simply for the fact that it was not proofread - "They will now to try to downplay" from paragraph 3 tells me that this was not written by a professional.
4. The Heat could not keep up with the 76ers last night until Lebron took over in the third quarter. They will be the 3 seed and lose in the second round. Lebron had a much better chance if he had stayed here, but we weren't good enough for him. LOL

I believe the article. There's no doubt "that guy" will not be treated as well as he was in Cleveland. It's a shame he chose to leave Cleveland the way he did. Not much class if you ask me......but who is asking? He's made a decision and he will have to live with the consequences.
Great way to start the season with a win vs: Boston last night!! The team Dwyane Wades Miami couldn't beat...........LOL!!

In response to post #6, yes, the Heat did lose to the Celtics, then the Cavs proceeded to win. Even as a Heat fan, this was not surprising at all. The team needs some time to gel, and facing a defense like that on opening night is tough. Celtics just came off playing 3 of the best players in the NBA, so yes they lost to the Cavs, but they were tired. You have to take into account that they are very aged, and aren't going to give their best shot every game. That game against Miami, that was their best shot, and despite not flowing together at all, the Heat lost by only 8. As an article I recently read pointed out, the fact that they lost by 8 playing that terribly to the second best team in the league, right behind the Lakers, is a message to other teams around the league. Don't get too excited about the Cavs win over the Celtics, it's one of 82, and I honestly don't think Cavs fan quite realize what they lost in LeBron James.

In response to the article, did a fan really write this? It sure sounds like it, no offense intended but man, proofread please. Also, I just don't buy it, LeBron just played his second game, and he's already regretting his decision to leave? I really doubt it. He seems a bit frustrated sure, but that would be because of all of the grief fans have given him, which was totally uncalled for. People hate him more than Tiger Woods right now, and LeBron didn't do anything immoral or illegal, while Tiger did. ESPN is a great network, yes, but it is a cruel one no doubt with the building up and tearing down of the biggest sports athletes out there. Doesn't sit well with me.

/end rant

in response to post #7
So your saying the celtics lost to cleveland because they were tired. If true this means their gonna lose at least 13 more games due to tiredness because they play 13 more back to back games. I'm sure Doc Rivers works these guys to prepare for the NBA schedule.
Its time for people to give the cavs credit for beating a good team with good play and hard work.

The celtics will lose more than 13 games this season. And a lot of those will come on back to backs. Its a fairly large disadvantage in the nba, especially for an older team like the celtics.

Toronto is arguably the worst team in the nba.

Miami lost with Lebron and Cleveland won w/o Lebron against the same team. What I really think happened is he's so used to flubbing the games against the Celtics, he forgot that he's really supposed to be trying against them this year.
BTW you really think Pat Riley is OK with the Heat losing to the Celtics?!?! Did you just fall and hit your head??? He has as much animosity for the Ce3ltics as Ohio State fans do for Michigan. It's alway been and always will be a measring stick for Lakers or Celtics fans. As a Laker(ex Laker or not) he's measured by what he does against the Celtics and vise versa.
Also Way to call out a miss placed typo...Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!?! I see more misspellings and incorrect wording in the national news and Papers than anywhere. It's a typo, let it go.

Question to guest. Did Michael Reghi say this Summer his sources told him that LeBron is coming back? Yes he did. So why would I believe him now. It is called credibility Guest. I don't believe you work for the Cavs either. If you do what is your name.

lebron's a bitch....punk,yellow backstabber..a.k.a. loser!!!he'll never be a extraordinary player in miami.never.he can only pray whatever the fans in cleveland throw at him aint scolding hott coffee.....

Reghi is the biggest blowhard in Cleveland sports. The only inside sources Reghi has are the voices inside his head. Has Reghi ever once broken a news story? No. But he likes to say he has sources to make himself still feel worthy of Cleveland's undivided attention. He's a joke. He cuts people off in interviews to hear himself talk, and he'll do anything to get the attention on himself. Do not just take this with a grain of salt, take it with a truckload full of salt.

The article mentioned that LeBron wanted Wade to also ask Coach to have the chartered flight spend the night so that he can party and Wade said "no." LeBron then approached Coach S and the answer was "no." Most of the comments that were made in this article are pretty easy to research if you want to -- if you don't want to accept the facts that LBJ was allowed to do things in Cleveland that no other player in the NBA does, than that's fine but at least try not to call someone out. Oh, and if you want to read a hint about this incident -- here's a link;_ylt=Asz0ssZ6r5wxLCoZzEXO80A5nYcB?slug=aw-heatceltics102710

Chris Paul might have even went to Cleveland if Lebron stuck around for another year...

From what I hear, and who knows so take it with a grain of salt... but Bosh and/or Chris Paul would've likely come to Cleveland if LeBron had A. Told them he wanted them here and tried to recruit them and B. Signed a long-term deal so they wouldn't get stuck here without him.

Way to go Pat Riley!

LeBron needs structure & discipline.

First off who cares what perks lebron gets, when you bring in millions of dollars for the entire city then you should get something extra from the city. As for Gilbert and the Cavs you had him for seven years and didnt spend the money to get him credible help so stop crying. When he made his decision at least he made money for someone else other than him or a team so thats not selfish at all. Also the man is only 25 or 26 years old, and his child hood was taken from him with all the money grubbing bastards wanting him to sign his name on the line at the bottom, so cut him some slack and get off of his nuts!!

Maybe if The Heat would sell 200 remaining Heat Tickets for $60 instead of $160 they’ll sell out? I’m sure by tonight they will.

I had sex with Lebricks mother. It was nasty but I was desperate.

I would like to start with FRIENDS', "he's my friend", or "he my teammate, so he's my family." The word friends is often over used during the first part of your career or life.

The Decision was the chance to let it all out, I mean get emotional, it was obvious he was carrying a burdan. Jimmy Valvano's message was clear.

The Lebron I was used to seeing was smiling, I felt like I was watching Magic, with a v12 engine, with the heart and mentality to match.
Where did it go.

Lebron learned the hard way, he became distraught, went looking for refuge, not acheived by playing in Miami. Lebron is visibly mad, by a frown, a major poker face, a new Lebron, Buisness on the court.

Lebron is trying very hard to seperate the game he loves to play, with the business part, the media part.
I wonder what may have happened had there ever been a formal meeting, a lunch, between Dr. Jeter and Lebron James.

LeBron then approached Coach S and the answer was "no." Most of the comments that were made in this article are pretty easy to research if you want to -- if you don't want to accept the facts that LBJ was allowed to do things in Cleveland that no other player in the NBA does, than that's fine but at least try not to call someone out.
by the game

What's the unbelievable part? cleveland bowing down and dicksucking lebron to keep him happy? riley shortening his leash and limiting his power/influence? it all seems very logical to me. it even has a credible source.