Michael Jordan DESTROYS LeBron James

There have been many spoofs and responses to LeBron James‘ Nike commercial, “Rise”. Some have been incredibly funny and perfectly fitting. But NONE are as good as this one. Michael Jordan, a true champion and legend weighs in on today’s players and specifically targets LeBron James (or at least this video makes it appear that way).

This video is edited by a fan to fit within LeBron James‘ “Rise” commercial that came out a month or so ago. It is very well done and fits great with the original commercial. Both videos, the original or the fan edit, are incredible. Jordan’s comments, although from 2008, are completely accurate when you take at look at the current state of the game and the attitude and entitlement of the current players, namely LeBron James.

Take a look and enjoy. It’s DEAD ON!

This is the original commercial where Jordan is addressing some young players at a camp. Even though it’s generally targeted in this commercial, LeBron James is the biggest name in the game and is the one most guilty of the things Jordan discusses. Who knows, maybe Jordan was targeting LeBron way back then and no one could see it because LeBron had everyone completely fooled until this summer.

We all saw how much it hurt LeBron when his idols (Jordan, Magic, Barkely) took tiny shots at him earlier in the summer. LeBron thought it would be a good idea to take a couple shots back at them in his “Rise” commercial when he targeted Barkley and Jordan specifically.

MJ has to be absolutely disgusted with the current state of the game and the current “stars”. It’s clear that no one who isn’t named Kobe Bryant in the NBA can even sniff Jordan’s greatness and even Kobe is a LONG way off. The current “stars” in the NBA are soft and are honestly a disgrace to the game.

They want to talk about “chilling” instead of working hard and “having fun” when Jordan was killing himself so he could dominate on the court and in crunch time. They want to have a party with smoke and club music and mock the rest of the NBA by declaring themselves champions for the next 8 years. They want to disrespect the game and the league by saying how easy it will be to win in Miami that Pat Riley could go out there today and run the point.

Jordan’s comments are dated, but are completely accurate when applied to today’s players (especially LeBron) and the state of the game. I’m honestly surprised Jordan hasn’t spoken out yet in response to LeBron’s commercial taking a shot at him and in response to the way he’s disgracing the game.

Jordan has never been one to hold back and who knows, maybe he’ll give us something to talk about one of these days by crushing LeBron and other current “stars”.


This wasn't in response to the LeBron commercial. This video was done a long time ago. It was featured in a movie about MJ well before this LeBron ad came out. You really think MJ would come out and make this big of a public splash?

Wow... you really didn't even read the article did you?

I know it's not in response... smh

It doesnt seem like the first poster even read one sentence of the article... wow. Why comment on something when you dont know what you're talking about

MJ, I love him, but he has a shaky legacy. Who could make him look better than Lebron James?

shaky legacy? Get the hell out.

You, you're the second dumbest person in Cleveland.

No one can approach Jordan's greatness? Umm, Tim Duncan

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"I’m honestly surprised Jordan hasn’t spoken out yet in response to LeBron’s commercial taking a shot at him and in response to the way he’s disgracing the game." Really.. you're suprised by this. Let me explain something to you. Jordan's jumpman brand is under Nike. Lebron james is the third highest paid athlete (behind tiger and phil mickelson) and highest paid basketball player under nike. In terms of corporate sponsorship Jordan and Lebron are on the same team, and Jordan can't shoot off at the mouth like Charles Barkley because if Nike's business goes down so his shares in stock.
And the NBA stars today, "Are honestly a disgrace to the game." Give me a break. In it's essence all basketball is, is putting a ball in hoop. The only way that the sport could be disgraced is if people put to much emphasis on it and worshipped it like a religion. And if you did that it would always dissapoint you, which it always has to people like you. Twenty-six years ago they were saying the exact same thing about Jordan. Don't be retarded.

Exactly! Thank you. Nobody even liked the cavs before lebron got there. not even people from cleveland. wouldn't it make sense for you to be a fan of lebron an awesom player and not the cavs a crappy team.

The author Justin Meiser is more retarded than Sarah Palins baby. lol

MJ has a shaky legacy? Well if being inducted into the NBA hall of fame last year as the greatest to ever play the game which was stated my most of his peers and sportswriters when he was inducted is a shaky legacy you have a very different distortion on reality. Put down the pipe and step away. Please