B.B. King is Not Dead

Despite rumors to the contrary, blues legend B.B. King is not dead. He did not suffer a stroke. A hoax purporting his death is making its way around the internet, spreading like wildfire on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

However, B.B. King is alive and well. In fact, the 85-year-old just announced additional dates for his Bluesfest tour. Adding Melbourne and Sydney to his tour, King will be visiting Australia for the first time in more than a decade.

Wikipedia users initially fell for the prank, updating King's death information on his page. It was later amended to remove the date of death.

King recorded his first record in 1949, and since then has made over 75 albums and has earned 15 Grammy Awards.


Hey now, Wikipedia users didn't fall for the trick. A couple of anon ip addresses tried to add the false information and were reverted 4 times in a little over 10 minutes.

I am glad to hear that Mr. BB King is still alive and well and rocking harder than ever at 85. I am, however, deeply saddened that there are people among us who would feel the desire to publicly post of his passing in a malicious manner...

The blues lives on, baby...the blues lives on!


Saddens me to see that people find this crap amusing. How sad to think with all the crime,unemployment,teenage pregnancy,alcoholism and drug/substance abuse as WELL as the homophobia and bullying these people use what small iota of brain matter they have to think this up..PLEASE!!! Cure breast cancer..hell..cure all cancer! Put a stop to all the damn -Isms. Feed a starving child..serve a meal at a homeless shelter. Want recognition?? Make a damn difference! Rock on BB!!

I am glad he is alive... not just for his sake. Yesterday I found out he'll be in Sydney next April and I want to see him then in case I never get another chance!

read about his dead on several websites, all nonsence. He's alive and well, The King lives!!
Don't worry, there are some MF's that want us to believe he's dead.

Recently I've seen the instrumentit of B.B. King. Frankly speaking, I was shocked by their price!!!

thank you very mcuh.
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