Terrelle Pryor & Other Key Ohio State Players May Sit Out Sugar Bowl Due to Free Tattoos

Things aren't looking good for Ohio State University and the Sugar Bowl. Several key Buckeye players may not end up playing after they allegedly received free tattoos in exchange for autographs at the Columbus tattoo parlor, Fine Line Ink.

Sources say that OSU officials are meeting for the second straight day to consider compliance issues. The players reportedly involved included: Terrelle Pryor, Dan Herron, DeVier Posey, Travis Howard, Jonathan Newsome, Jorrdan Hall, Chris Fields, and Michael Brewster.

Ohio State takes on Arkansas in the Sugar Bowl on January 4, 2011.


If the NCAA rules Pryor and company have to sit out for Tattoos but Cam Newton plays after receiving upwards of $180K in cash - the NCAA needs to be investigated.

Can't they simply claim they didn't know it happened - that's a free out, right???


I agree with you completely! If they can cover Cam Newton's butt & let him get away with something like that, then they do need to be investigated. Something has to be going on there.
It's bull crap.

Dumb comment Justin. There is no proof Cam took payment and no party came out saying they gave out $. For OSU, their signed memorabilia is sitting in the tattoo shop for all to see and it's been mentioned the proprietor confirmed it as fact. Think before you type.


Your just saying that because you probably like Auburn. Pryor, Herron, Posey, Adams, and Thomas didn't do something as bad as Cam Newton. He stole 180k and OSU Players just traded autographs for tatoos. It is the tatoo guy fault because he is the one that took the autograph.


Well, since it was Miss St that his dad was extorting, and Cam didn't go to Miss St, your allegation makes no sense. But Pryor shouldn't have to sit out.

Cam knew what was going on

Show us a link or report where Cam got $180k in cash. You're dreaming.

Haha is a fag, he should be shot in the face

Wow. You are brilliant. Conversation over with these pearls of wisdom.

Yes i am brilliant, and ur a stupid bi7ch who needs to keep his cocksuckers shut

I don't know the full extent of the regulations other than players cannot accept anything of value from boosters or merchants without paying a fair price for it. A couple years ago I won a Buckeyes team-autographed helmet at a charity raffle and the person who obtained the helmet had to provide photo and signed documentation proving that the helmet was used for charity and not sold for profit. Seems the program knows pretty well about autographs and regulations. Please tell me this is the worst thing someone can dig up on the Buckeyes when fathers are peddling their sons to the highest bidder and they can play and win Heismans. Gimme a break !!

Cam is just as guilty as OJ. Double dose of focker.

Cam didn't have to receive the money. He only had to know that it was being solicited on his behalf. It's highly unlikely that the son didn't know that the father was up to no good...unless of course you live in the fairytale land of Alabama...

The NEW ton standard is now haunting the NCAA for years to come.

At, number 14..

Don't call it the fairy tale land of Alabama, 80% of the state believe he's guilty, and the other 20% just won't admit it.

I truly hope nothing comes from the Newton saga, as I really hope the kid knew nothing of it. I just don't believe that's the case.

Remember, there was no paper trail from the Albert Means case against Alabama.

How did this post go from OSU to Cam Newton??? First of all Cam didn't go to the college his father was trying to sell him to so therefore no harm was done is why the NCAA allowed him to play. Now as for the Buckeyes, face it, they did it, got busted and have to pay the consequences for it. I know you Buckeye fans LOVE them to death but rules are rules and if they were violated they need to sit down. I mean hell it's not like they were going to win anyway.
If I can remember this is not the first time some NCAA violations have come against the university. Wasn't there some kind of violation with the basketball team not that long ago??? Seems to me OSU and its players need to get it right.

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Cam took the money and the NCAA gave up. Yes the OSU players should be punished(coming from an OSU fan) but not to this extreme, maybe a quarter to half a quarter.

Cam took the money and the NCAA gave up. Yes the OSU players should be punished(coming from an OSU fan) but not to this extreme, maybe a quarter to half a quarter.