OSU AD Gene Smith Addresses Jim Tressel Rumors On Twitter

The internet has been buzzing tonight with rumors that Jim Tressel would soon announce that he was stepping down as head football coach at Ohio State. Ohio State Athletic Director took to Twitter to announce that rumors are not true writing:

Merry Xmas everyone!! Go back to drinking your eggnog!! Rumors not true.

The origin of the story appear to have come out of Chicago and some people are speculating that they were started to deter possible football recruits away from Ohio State.


Very good to hear. I have my issues with The Vest, but he's still a top coach & runs a great program.

Very good to hear. I've my problems using the Vest, but he's still a leading coach & runs an excellent program.
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the bucks r still ganna win the championship in 2011 without the starters 1st five games!!!!