Cleveland Cavaliers hire homeless man with "Golden Radio Voice"

While the Cavaliers are struggling on the court this season without their former superstar, the organization is still making waves in the community. In perhaps one of the most amazing stories I've ever seen.

Ted Williams, who was previously homeless held up a sign every day telling the world about his "Golden Radio Voice". Someone pulled off to the side of the road to speak with him and video taped the man, and he wasn't lying. This guy has an incredible voice!

Apparently the Cleveland Cavaliers took notice after the Columbus Dispatch featured the man in the paper they and offered him a job and a house. Williams was on a local radio station, WNCI exclaiming "The Cleveland Cavaliers just offered me a full-time job and a house! A house! A house!"

He also added "I've been out there about a year; I just didn't know anything like this would ever happen. There's so many words. I've already been compared to Susan Boyle. I'm just so happy."

It's unclear what position the Cavaliers have offered Williams, but it is an incredible story of redemption after Williams threw his career away years ago admittedly due to drugs and alcohol.

"Just to get back to some normalcy and responsibility.. If I can get a job, whether it's a $25,000 or even $18,000, I'd be happy. At least I know God has me where he wants me."

Here is the video... it's pretty incredible how this all went down.


may God bless you Mr.Williams for your success, keep up the good work. Never give up no matter what people say or think about you. But remember thank God for second chances. take care be safe..

Awesome for him. Let's just hope he finds someone who can help him navigate the insanity so he isn't taken advantage of.

I just started to follow this story today, and I can't get enough of Ted Williams! He sounds awemazing and looks kind of what Obama will look like after his presidency. Go Ted Williams! You are awesome!

He looks like Obama. lol This man has a talented voice. It sounds alomst scary. I think his voice will be best used doing movie trailers.

Delighted this man's story has played out so well. It reached us in Ireland in less than an hour, amazing! Xxx Avril. Dublin, Ireland

WOW! Amazing how quickly news travels these days!

Delighted this man's story has played out so well. It reached us in Ireland in less than an hour, amazing! Xxx Avril. Dublin, Ireland


Nice! Way to go Ted! Thank you Cavaliers!

What an amazing story. I saw the video yesterday. I am praying for Ted and his soberiety. The Cleveland Cavaliers really stepped up! Way to go. Who needs Lebron?

Who needs Lebron or VICK!! If anyone "DESERVES" a second chance it is this guy, NOT Vick!!!! Way to go Ted!!

What a stupid comment, both him AND Vick were victims of THEIR OWN actions. I'm just as happy for Vick as I am for Ted. Both deserve it!

I have to say that Mr. Williams only hurt himself by his actions but Mr. Vick tortured & killed animals. BIG DIFFERENCE!!

I'm rooting for Ted. Everybody needs a second chance once in a while. X

this story was on the radio this mornin as I drove my son to school...I had to get more info on the story so I got home and got on the computer and did the search. Now I see the Cavs will hire him and give his amazing voice a chance?! I hope that this man is not just exploited, obviously he has problems in his life that has lead him down his dark road. Give him help for any mental problems and medical help and counseling also. This will hopefully help him further in being not only successful but also staying alive long enought to enjoy his success and not fall back to drinking and drugs. God bless you all and I will continue to pray for those blessed chances in our lives!

Idiots, this is a hoax, the guy is a working announcer, who lost his job because of drugs.

wow... do some research b/f you embarrass yourself... please.

If he lost his job due to drugs, then how is he a "working announcer"?
And just because he got caught up in drugs, does that mean he does not deserve a second chance?
I think YOU are the idiot & the hoax.

Not a hoax. A real life story of struggle and redemption and civility. A little of which you could use as you go about cleaning your next toilet--you bum.

Which is it? Is he a working announcer or did he lose his job?

This story really touched my heart...
its amazing what a coincindence can do for you and how things just fell into place for Ted from there on; the next thing hes on the Columbia Dispatch; the next thing hes gotten to be an internet phenomenon; and lastly the Cavaliers founding out about him and stepping up to offer him a job and a house.

What an amazing difference the internet and a 24 hours can make for a mans life. I think the real hero here is how people can all get to together to help out and make a difference for Ted, starting from that man in the car and his cell phone cam, thank you all and way to go ted

Was watching CNBC in Shanghai, there's a brief story about this guy on TV then I googled it, it turns out to be a quite fascinating story, wish good luck for him !


this guy is a LOSER! just like the cavs!

It helps to bring a brain to an online discussion, sir.

And all that thanks to reddit, who made the video go viral and contacting radio stations. See here:

Thank GOD. Finally, a good positive story. I sincerely wish him the best and hope to hear his voice soon. Maybe Pixar or Dreamworks will pick him up for a character VO.

All the best Mr. Williams. You've have God given talent and the rare gift of perspective. May they both take you far.

I don't believe it's confirmed exactly what his role with the Cavs will be, but so far I'm hearing that he'll be doing voice-overs for various productions. I hope we start to hear a lot more from Ted. Incredible story.

Also, I don't believe he has accepted the Cavs' offer yet as he has other job offers on the table! Incredible!

Amazing story and voice...dreams can come true!

the guy lost has announcing job because he was a drunk

this story is a joke, that dude is bum, who cares, go sports

I was most touched in his story that Ted has been clean and sober for 2 years. I hope this is true and that he continues along his path of sobriety once he moves to Cleveland. There are lots of people in recovery in Cleveland who would be happy to support his continuing sobriety regardless of job status, etc. Get to a meeting, Ted! :)

God Bless you Ted!!! Your story is worthy of a movie production. It reminds me of that Will Smith movie, "Pursuit of Happiness". I Ted excels at his new job, gets a movie deal, makes millions in movie royalties, joins a local Parish, and helps other homeless people. Don't forget to say thank you Ted!

Ted, good luck to you man, keep it clean and keep it rolling and you'll be back on your feet in no time.

Great story, respect to the guy who stopped and started things off. You might never do something as kind for someone ever again.

Good luck, Ted!

He should do movie trailers as well.

This is a WIN/WIN--CAVS made a good decision in giving
TED an opportunity to use his God-given gift for the
greater good, no matter what brought him to begging on the
side of the highway. Hopefully Ted will make it his first
priority to get to a meeting (Cleveland is a hub for AA!)
and use this opportunity to be of MAXIMUM SERVICE to others:
there is an entire community, organization that will be
affected POSITIVELY granted he works to remain sober and
continues to reach out to others. AN AMAZING GIFT OF RECOVERY,
The Cavaliers have made a good move in this hiring decision!

i have been working in radio for 20 years and thought "maybe it's a stunt". radio folks do dumb stunts for attention all the time. and i've been looking for evidence that it is a stunt, but so far i've found nothing. he really appears to be an old radio guy who spun out due to addiction, and lost his career. now maybe he's found his way back. i've seen a lot folks spin out in the years i've worked in radio--lots of drugs, lots of booze. lots of broken dreams here. dime a dozen story. most of them don't come back. i really hope this turns out to be the really cool story of sobriety and redemption it appears to be. and he sure does have a wonderful voice. (and if it IS a stunt, it sure would be a crass that would turn this man into a pariah)

This is an amazing and heartwarming story. A great start to the new year..hoping this human kindness will continue through the year.

Think he'll play forward or guard?

LOL Now thats funny!!!

Hopefully he'll PAY it forward!

Amazing story, wishing nothing but the best for this man. Second chances are a beautiful thing! Ontario, Canada.

GOD IS SO Merciful! To GOD be the GLORY!

China roots for Ted Williams!

Watching the Cavaliers this season might get him started drinking again.

Just happy to see the story. You know in these tough times, there are many others who need our help! Nice work!

If Obama can drum up the sympathy and compassion for a demented person who tortured animals for profit (and is now making megabucks as a football player), we can surely find some for this man (Ted Williams) who has (as far as we know) hurt nothing and no one but himself. If he has any sense at all he will grab this opportunity to make a wonderful life for himself... I was astounded when I first saw the video and thought it was some sort of hoax...that beautiful, mellifluous voice coming out of that scruffy, dirty person? No way! Well, it is true and the Cavaliers have given him a huge hand up. Let's hope he stays up!

Like the saying in Saving Private Ryan, "Earn this." We will all be following up on you, Ted. You are now an over-night celebrity. I wish and hope for your continued success. God Bless.

May you never struggle again my good man congrats