Westboro Baptist Church to Picket the Funerals of Arizona Shooting Victims

On Saturday, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was targeted and shot outside a Safeway in Tuscon, Arizona, where she was meeting with her constituents. Six other people died, including a federal judge and nine-year-old girl. Most people see this tragic event as a horrific incident. Westboro Baptist Church, however, finds it to be the perfect opportunity to spread more of their hatred and has made plans to picket the funerals of the six shooting victims.

In a flier posted on the church's website, the church writes:


God appointed this rod for your sins! God sent the shooter! This hateful nation unleashed violent veterans on the servants of God at WBC--hoping to silence our kind warning to obey God and flee the wrath to come."

The controversial Topeka church claims that the shootings were god's punishment for judicial and Congressional action against WBC:

"God sent the shooter to shoot you! And He's sitting in Heaven laughing at you!"

The flier continues, stating:

"Your federal judge is dead and your (fag-promoting, baby-killing, proud-sinner) Congresswoman fights for her life. God is avenging Himself on this rebellious house! WBC prays for your destruction--more shooters, more dead carcasses piling up, young, old, leader and commoner--all. Your doom is upon you!"

WBC is best known for picketing funerals of gays and soldiers who have died in the line of duty, toting signs with such inflammatory remarks as "God Hates Fags" and "Thank God for Dead Soldiers." Most recently, WBC picketed Elizabeth Edwards funeral in December.

The so-called "church" is headed up by Fred Phelps and has 71 members, many of which are members of his large family. It's first service was held in 1955.


Dear America,

Today we must DEMAND politicians using divisive rhetoric of fear, to advance an agenda, STOP. We must DEMAND media outlets perpetuating hate, to increase ratings, CEASE. We must inform those dehumanizing others, by calling for harm or death to an opponent, that such discourse is UNACCEPTABLE.

We must tell them firmly: "Your behavior is unacceptable. Your behavior is what's destroying this country. SHAME ON YOU!"

We must also stand firm against those who both support and encourage such behavior.

So, to Westboro Baptist Church: "SHAME ON YOU!"

It is a shame that people are doing the devil's will in the name of God--these false prophets and followers of hate will meet hteir judgement by the true and living God and it will be far worse than any injustice they proclaim in God's name.

The worst part about this is that all of their filth and rhetoric is protected by the First Amendment.

If we censor these hatemongers, then we are setting a very dangerous precedent for all other groups out there: If a majority of people disagree with a message, then it should be silenced. THAT is a bad thing.

I absolutley abhor what these monsters are saying, but, they have an unalienable right to say it.

God had nothing to do with this. Can you guess how I know this? Because he dosent exist. WBC is wasting there's and everyone else's time with this nonsense. If God did exist things like this wouldn't happen. We are all responsible for our own actions. Stop playing you're God card and take responsibility.

I have to say; you don't have to believe in God. But to claim God doesn't exist because bad things happen is ludicrous.

This isn't to push off personal responsibility. This is simple truth.

What the HELL is wrong with these people?!? I do believe it was God's own word- THOU SHALT NOT KILL! This is no exception. These people are absolutely disgusting. SHAME ON YOU WBC!

If you need god to tell you that killing is wrong, than you are not fit to live in society. Christianity didn't invent morality.

Actually God DID provide the authoratative guidelines,a.k.a. the Ten Commandments to provide a universal MORAL compass for ALL His children. Christ (ergo, "Christianity") reinforced those very ideals when He began His ministry.

The ten commandments were thought to have been written around 1440bc. You can't honestly say you believe that before that nobody had a moral compass.

We are responsible for our actions, and God has nothing to do with the shootings. I hope they will never show up at anyone's funeral- to make matters worse. I hope people show up at THEIR funerals. These people are the lowest of the low. Not even true people. Let alone Christians.

I wouldn't waste my time on picketing these worthless peoples' funerals. Funerals are for friends & family to mourn a loss, not to make a spectacle. If that's what Westboro "Baptist Church" chooses to do, that's their failing, not mine.

Do these people even have hearts? Are they even human beings? Idiots. The purpose of life is to help people, not make other people's lives worse. Especially at funerals. God loves not hates. I wish these idiots would realize that God does not approve one bit.


Oh my... it is ridiculous people like this that taint the TRUE Christian belief system. -________- These people are not true Christians. Not with any sense of the word. Jesus lived amongst the sinners! He loved the prostitutes that truly repented more than the people who lied in their hearts and said they were his followers. -sigh- I don't know what else to say than I pray that God sheds light over these poor people's eyes and heart and shows them the true way of the Christian.

How mentally defective are the members of WBC? They preach that when something terrible happens to anybody but them its "God's will". But when something happens to their church or family it is the work of the devil and "fags". Maybe their so called God is punishing them. But that can't be they are the chosen people. Burn in the hell that doesn't exist WBC!

How can a pastor or church be pro violence against other human beings? Regardless of what ever their political or personal views may be, Jesus would not wish this type of behavior, these innocent people were not inflicting violence against anyone. Did you forget the pain and suffering he underwent to forgive our sins? This is just insane!!

Hmmm. Here's an idea? Let's protest in front of WBC on their tirf and see how they like it! I am a devoted Christian. I love God! I believe in God! And I know for certain the "God" they mention doesn't "hate fags", doesn't "hate sinners." He loves them, hates what they do. There is a difference. He is our Father. And just like an earthly parent gets mad at what a child does that is wrong, but loves their child no less than they did before the bad behavoir was committed, so does God feel about us.

So WBC! STOP CALLING YOURSELVES CHRISTIANS. You're not Christians...you're wannabes. Cult holders that throw the Bible verses all sorts of directions but the right way. You give the true meaning of Christianity a bad rep. And God does say that there would be people like you one day. The ones that claim they are Christains, but they are no such thing.

This isn't an act of God. God would never ever wish something so tradgic. He doesn't want any of us to hurt. We are mortal humans, weak and truly defenseless to the psychotic acts such as Arizona. We could prevent that no more than God could have stopped it. Why?? Because God leaves it to us to decide. And that "man" chose to be horric. And right now there is a 9 year boy dancing and singing in Heaven b/c some shumuck wanted to to pull a trigger and go crazy b/c of an "opinion."

Give me a break WBC. You're a disgrace to the Christian religion. Looks like you need to be saved.

fred phelps will burn in hell thru eternity

No he won't, he'll claw and scratch at the gates of hell for all of eternity, though, desperately trying to get in.

...even then damned don't deserve to share company the likes fred phelps.

A nine year old girl lost her life at this event. I realize that might be lost on these hateful, ignorant, self absorbed morons. What type of God would condone this type of behavior?!?!? To the members of this organization, I say please, come to Tucson. Come see the carnage left by one misguided person. Come by and feel that pride in your words. Then, and only then, will you undersatnd how a community can be so shaken by one person.
A nine year old girl lost her life here in Tucson. Come to our city. Bring your picket signs. See how long it takes for someone to "express their opinions" on you. Make sure your dental insurance is paid in full....

A Son of the Old Pueblo

You people are sick, perpetuating your hate through the name of God.

I hope you all rot in hell

i must preface this with the statement; I am a god fearing man, i am religious, HOWEVER i dont push my beliefs on someone else.

if the WBC believe that god has predetermined the future and sent the shooter, why would he punish us for disobeying him. The 'locking' of our future makes us devoid of free will so any 'choice we make' is in fact not our choice. So the fact the the wbc seems the need to preach is retarded. why preach that we are doomed because by their dogma we are already screwed and no one can change that.

i cant understand why they would do something that evil.

my respect to those who have lost their lives.

It is my sincerest hope that the WBC takes a cue from another former well-known cult and drinks the strychnine kool-aid.

No need to repeat what most of us already think and feel..ditto to the above statements
I am scared for the future of this country and for humanity in general. I am not religious, but I am moral and believe in the ten commandments. Times are forever changing and not always for the better. I don't want to sound like a pesimest, but things worldwide aren't lookin so great. I ask myself sometimes "what can I do?" How can I contribute to change for the better and still work a full time job and raise three kids by myself. I don't have time to rally or support the groups I believe in. I wish I had extra money to contribute, but I don't. So how can I help. I do recognize that when large groups of people come together and work towards a goal that change can happen. Where does one start. With so many serious issues to tackle I feel overwhemled with the very thought of where to begin. We seem to critisize those in power but can you imagine how they must feel? Our president cannot fix every problem, nor should we rely on government to fix every social problem. This incident is a reminder that we have alot of confused, angry, paranoid and mentally ill people that slip through the system so to speak. Our laws protect them too. There were probably alot of people that knew this guy and knew he was capable of something like this: but until he commits a crime nothing can really be done about thinking someone might do something. Truth is I knew someone like this once, and I tried to tell and warn. I put my own life in danger because there was no protection for me. The hospital cannot keep someone against their will for more than 24hrs. He got out of there and killed himself. It was a sad story all around, but I'm grateful he didnt take anyone else with him. I read the news and cry for the babies and innocent that are killed, raped, beaten, shot, murdered, neglected. I wish I could save the world but I am smart enough to know that that is an impossible task. I pray for my children and all of yours too.

Why would Jesus have died for our sins, if he hates everyone who sins (which is EVERYONE, including them)? If everything that they're "preaching" true, He also hates the WBC, which they would never hear of. Haven't they ever heard the phrase "Hate the sin, love the sinner"? God has called us to love everyone, not to teach this trash. If you're a beginner Christian or don't believe in God at all, this is NOT how a Christian should (and most don't) act. Just ignore them, if no one responds to them, they'll eventually go away. All they want is attention and by counter protesting them and coming to their protests, that's exactly what you're doing. Although, as human beings (and for those of you who are, as Christians), we can't just sit there letting them spread these lies about God, when people already seem to think extremely lowly of Christians, which things like is are why people think so lowly of us. As strange as it sounds, GOD LOVES EVERYONE, including the WBC. As Christians we can't say that God loves one sinner and hates another. I hope God opens their eyes one day and makes them see what they're doing is not what He had in mind for them.

- a fundamentalist nightmare.

Why are you religious extremists so crazy? How can a random act of violence be tied to God? How were these victims sinners? How could a nine year old be a sinner????? All 71 members of the WBC should be ashamed if you follow in this belief and I hope some wrath takes all of you off this planet and you suffer for an eternity!!!!!


Vigil, memorial planned
Posted: January 10, 2011 - 7:08pm Advertisement
By The Capital-Journal
Bias Busters of Kansas will have a candlelight vigil and memorial in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday at 5:45 p.m. Saturday at 444 S.E. Quincy.

The vigil and memorial will focus on the victims of the shooting that took place in Tucson, Ariz., said Sonny Scroggins, with Bias Busters.

The community is invited to participate by word, song and prayer, Scroggins said. Participants are invited to bring flashlights, drums, bells, horns and candles.

Guest speakers will include Scroggins and author Jessica James.

"To truly honor Dr. King and his legacy on his birthday, all of us must stop the violence and find more constructive and less deadly ways to deal with our anger, disappointments and stress," Scroggins wrote in an e-mail.


How come the crazies never leave enough space in their text?

There's obviously a relationship between spewing nutty rambling thoughts and not making the effort to create a more readable flyer.

I don't understand these people who believe that somehow they are doing Gods work. These very same people talk about how God is all encompassing and all powerful, and I agree, so if Gods power is absolute why does he need all these people to do his dirty work?

The answer is he doesn't. These people who claim to be doing Gods work are liars and manipulators of weak minded supersticious people.

The Westboro Church has no right to be disrupting other peoples lives in the name of God.

When these people die they are going to be held accountable for their actions. I wonder what they are going to have to say then?

As Christians we can't say that God loves one sinner and hates another. I hope God opens their eyes one day and makes them see what they're doing is not what He had in mind for them by eztv series