Suspicious Package at Cowboys Stadium; SWAT Team, Bomb Squad on site

With Super Bowl XLV approaching (albeit not nearly fast enough), Cowboys Stadium aka "Jerry's World" is getting quite a bit of attention. According to the Dallas Morning News, however, all the wrong kind of attention this morning.

They report that a suspicious package was thrown out of a vehicle near Cowboys Stadium and the stadium has since been on "lockdown". Police and fire officials, as well as a SWAT Team, hazardous materials crew, and bomb squad were dispatched to the stadium just before 8 a.m.
According to the story, witnesses say that a package was thrown out of a moving car into the street between the stadium and a Wal-Mart and the package fell down a drain in the median. A bomb technician is said to be examining it and, for now, the nearby streets are closed and security around the area has been increased.

For everyone's sake, we just hope this was a stupid prank and that nothing dangerous is going on. No one wants or needs any security threats surrounding the biggest sporting event in America. Having been present for a "suspicious package detonation" myself, I can say that it's a very, very scary thing.