Unions Rally the Troops for Protest of SB 5 in Columbus On Tuesday

While many government offices were closed on Monday due to it being Presidents' Day, protests continued in Columbus, Ohio, at the State House over the controversial Senate Bill 5. A major rally is scheduled to take place in Columbus on Tuesday, with union members and leaders travelling from all over the state to oppose the bill.

Organizers are estimating that about 10,000 people will be gathered on Tuesday to oppose SB 5, which would eliminate collective bargaining rights and salary schedules for public employees across the state.

Governor John Kasich has said that with Ohio facing an estimated $8 billion deficit, union labor costs must be reigned in.

State Rep. Dennis Murray, D-Sandusky, says, however that unions are the "thin blue line" protecting the middle class from discrimination and exploitation. Murray says, they're under attack:

"Public sector employees are being used, really, as a scapegoat for the state's budget problems."

Murray also adds that the bill is a part of a national anti-union campaign that's also playing out quite dramatically in Wisconsin, and suggests bringing the focus back to the budget rather than state employees.


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What ever happened to equal? I work all day for the hope to retire some day. Public employees are the pigs that walk on two feet as I see it. I cannot stand there wining anymore. Why not join us in social security? I might have more compassion then. Can't we all be in it together? I am all for equal. The WI gov wants the Union workers to pay 50% of what I pay and they still cry. I voted for John Kasich, and expect him to balance the budget. I think this is what it takes. Merit pay is not a bad thing if you are a hard worker, which I truly believe you are. The ones that are not should leave or be fire.
Have fun on your sick day or vacation day or whatever day. Look forward to the vial signs on TV (that I have never seen at a tea party rally).

OK, I agree that everyone should pay into Social Security and that Congress should not get free medical insurance BUT a tax is a tax--that is, Kasich and his ilk decline to tax the superrich (and truly they are SUPER rich now--that is sadly NOT an exaggeration), but they are happy to impose a new burden ("tax" means "burden") on the middle class. Public employees are, in fact, plain old middle class with pay and benefits similar to many in the middle. To alter their pay program is a TAX. Why aren't we taxing the wealthy? why are we sucking the "extra" out of people who really do NOT make a lot, but hold up the middle?

Knocking pay and benefits out of these folks is a TAX, and why aren't we willing to do that to the wealthy? THAT is what does not make sense!

It is really bad for the economy to keep squeezing the middle.

Pitting us against each other with terms of envy and spite is obviously an effective strategy. The rich are gloating while we roll in the pit and try to gouge each other's eyes out.

I may envy these employees their supposedly cushy program, but a tax is a tax, and I'm on their side in seeing that this is a sick trend, going in the wrong direction, against the wrong people.

all i can say is the unions support the trade deals like nafta and gatt and i know they were a republican idea but the dems along with the teachers union supported clinton in signing them into law.that was a major loss for the middle class so no manufacturing jobs means no taxes to support the bloated goverment pensions.they don't care about
the blue colar jobs so why care about theirs.they were for clinton signing trade deals that hurt this country like the 250 billion dollar a year trade deficit with china annually.they get what they deserve and that is why i like watching the goverment to begin to eat itself.goverment jobs are not the basis of a middle class, manufacturing goods in this country is the foundation of a middle class and they, the 2 party system is at fault.so if you vote for the 2 party system your to blame,im just gonna sit back sip coffee and watch the freak show because thats all you people are.how could my goverment do this to me,lol! go kasich balance the stupid budget.and if they dont get back to work fire them

It's not simply a battle bewteen Republican or Democrat anymore. It's a class fight. The Rich vs. The Poor.

If you think that Kasich will stop with the government sector I think you are mighty mistaken. Primarily, this action will not save any money. The governor ran on an anti-union platform. If he can get this legislation passed, how long do you think it will be before he starts meddling in private sector labor? He is pro-business and anti-worker. The more he can give to the wealthy, who can thank him with generous contributions from themselves and their businesses, the more he will take away from middle class people who have found themselves in a less giving circumstance.

Rich, I wasn't even old enough to vote one way or the other for Clinton, so I hardly find myself responsible for his trade deals. However, I am a public employee. I make half of what I was make in the private sector. I'm not complaining, because I like my job. I find it meaningful. However, as Working Stiff so aptly noted, if we really wanted to balance the budget, we would end the tax breaks Bush created for the wealthy. It isn't the public employees who are walking around with fat pockets.

i wasn t old enough to vote until 96 in which the 2 party system monopoly threw perot out of the debates. he pulled 21 percent of the vote in 92 and they threw him out and then this vice princilpe at my school dressed up as perot for halloween. i live in youngstown and it would just thrill me to watch the train hit the unions because of the goverment trade deals that they were warned about 15 YEARS AGO! and were adament about how great they would be for this country.250 billion dollar a year deficit with china annually and like 70 billion with mexico because of what clinton signed into law and you people think he was the greatest president ever to this day,lol! absurd the dot.com era came and busted and he talks about all the jobs he created that would be the same as whoever was the president when ford created the assembly line and he said hey look at all the jobs i created when it was an invention! but blame bush for the job losses and keep blindly walking on the tracks that you love to lay down."who so ever dig at a pit shall fall in it" now its your turn i want to see you fall, your all greedy bastards and i love watching the people who continually vote for bloated goverment because it benefits them no matter how negatively it hurts the middle class,you are not the middle class you are bloated goverment! ever hear of home school.just keep voting for whoever your union supports no matter how bad his trade deals are with foreign nations.like i said no manufacturing base=no tax base=you lose your jobs :) having a union made sence when we were a strong super power which were not anymore,theres like 5 people right now that i know that would take a goverment job for alot less then your working for "cheap labor is sweet" man clinton was right about that