Wisconsin Govenor Punked by Man Claiming to be Billionare

For the past couple of weeks, the national media has been focused on the political situation in Wisconsin where Governor Scott Walker and his Republican cronies are trying to get passed legislation that would essentially eliminate collective bargaining in the state. Walker has insisted that there's no larger agenda, and that it's not union-busting, but the efforts of a prank caller have revealed otherwise.

A writer at the New York-based liberal website BuffaloBeast.com decided to call up Gov. Scott Walker. He wondered how hard it would be to get him on the phone, especially considering he's not answering the calls of many of his state's Democratic senators. Apparently getting through to the Governor of Wisconsin is easy -- if you're billionaire David Koch, or someone pretending to be him.

The individual, who goes by "Murphy" on the site, called up Walker's offices for the first time at 11:30am and go through to a receptionist. After hearing the name Koch, he was transfered to Executive Assistant Governor Dorothy Moore. She insisted that Walker was tied up in a meeting, and to call back at noon. So he called back at noon, was transfered to Moore, and then was transfered to the governor's chief of staff, Keith Gilkes, who was expecting the call. Gilkes penciled him on the governor's agenda, and secured him a spot at 2pm to speak with Walker.

The result of that phone call is available to listen to here, in these two YouTube videos:

Some of the highlights of the conversation include:

  • Walker discussing his strategy to get the Democratic senators who've fled the state back to put the bill to a vote - by making their paychecks ineligible for direct deposit for missing more than two straight days, forcing them to have to come in and pick up their paychecks, which will be locked in their desks on the floor of the state Senate.
  • How he is purposely avoiding calls from senate Democrats.
  • How he thinks that the unions are paying for the senators to be out of state, by footing their hotel bills and such, and how that's unethical if that is true.
  • "Koch" offering to fly walker out to California for "a good time" once they succeed in busting the unions.
  • Walker saying that he's already got layoff notices ready.
  • How Walker had thought of, and decided against, planting troublemakers among the protesters.
  • Walker believes that he'll eventually win because the media will stop caring and covering the protests, and the protesters will stop coming.

The Wisconsin governor's office confirmed the audio recording and that Walker had been duped into talking with a man purporting to be billionaire David Koch, a conservative billionaire businessman believed to be behind the growing anti-union movements across the United States.

The Buffalo Beast's original account can be read here.


Liberals screamed when someone scammed Obama's Acorn group, or his Planned Parenthood group, for providing low income loan assistance for pimps, or providing discounted abortions for pimps.

Democrats have been busted saying they planted troublemakers, without serious repercussions. For example, we all know that the Tea Party isn't racist, but there have been Democratic plants who carry racist signs who have been asked to leave Tea Party rallies. I guess it's not surprising that a Republican would at least think about doing the same, though I think it's a shame to stoop to the Democrat's level.

Doesn't look like he's doing anything illegal or immoral. If the Dems want to talk, they can do so when they come back into town.

The Dems need to think about whether they want to keep running away from key votes, lest they not have enough Dems elected next time around that their presence or absence will matter.

Dems have already bankrupted the states with their blind support of union salaries, pensions, and benefits - the least they can do is recognize their follow and vote the right way.

You know, just as a clue, this is probably not going to be received very well by Walker. In an environment where there is a lot of negotiation that has to take place and a lot of decisions that have to be made, infuriating and humiliating the other side is unfathomably stupid. Why should Walker do anything but stick it to them now?

The Democrats had power. They screwed it up. Republicans now have a mandate. They don't have to negotiate at all.

Honestly the Unions deserve anything they get now.

I'd have to agree with the Pissed off conservative. I'm a long-time supporter of ACORN and of Planned Parenthood, and I believe that a healthy economy needs unions to curb the power of concentrated money.

Still, setting someone up and secretly recording the conversation is unsavory. It's not journalism. It's unethical.

I think that Gov. Walker comes across as someone who is pursuing his real convictions about the welfare of the state and economy, albeit rigidly and as a zero:sum game with no room for compromise or letting in other voices.