Cincinnati Zoo Welcomes First Baby Giraffe in Over Two Decades

On Saturday, a new baby giraffe was born at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens to Tessa and Kimba, both four-year-old giraffes. The birth of the calf was the first at the zoo in 26 years.

Tessa and her new baby are being left to bond, so the sex of the calf has not yet been checked.

Born in the early morning, the calf took its first shaky steps about 20 minutes after being born. Within an hour, the baby giraffe was nursing.

The zoo's executive director, Thane Maynard, said:

"When there's a birth of an animal, it's awe-inspiring because nature is a phenomenal system. That's true when a mouse is born, but when you've got a 6-foot baby that comes out and flops on the ground, it's just the darndest thing. It goes without saying, this is an exciting day."

The parents and the baby are the only giraffes at the Cincinnati Zoo.

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