To Catch a Pervert: Chris Hansen Not Only Cheated, He Also Sexted Nude Photos

Chris Hansen, the host of NBC's controversial show "To Catch a Predator", which revolves around catching adults trying to meet up with children who they met online for sex, was recently outed as an adulter. Hansen was photographed out on a romantic date with a significantly younger woman who was most definitely not his wife. Now we've learned that he not only cheated on his wife, but he was also dumb enough to have sent the object of his affections some nude photos. Chris Hansen, says the National Enquirer, is a sexter.

The Enquirer reports that Hansen, 51, sent the 30-year-old woman, a Florida newscaster by the name of Kristyn Caddell, photos of himself nude in a bathrobe, grabbing his genitals. He reportedly sent at least two of these photos via his cell phone.

Sexting, apparently, isn't just for teens and college students anymore..