Jennifer Lopez's Divorce Pushed Lindsay Lohan Off Vanity Fair Cover

What's more interesting - unemployment or divorce? The answer for the folks at Vanity Fair was divorce as Lindsay Lohan's planned cover was shoved aside to accomodate Jennifer Lopez and her surprise divorce announcement. JLo has bested LiLo to snag the September issue of Vanity Fair.

Lohan was due to grace the magazine's fall cover so she could tell us more about how she's going change her ways, avoiding stumbling out of clubs drunk and high and landing in court. We've heard that story before, and while it continues to sell magazines, nothing beats a divorce.

Freshly split from Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez will instead grace the cover - perhaps in something sexy and revealing to piss off her ex (who reportedly liked her more covered up). Inside, an interview with her will be printed, and she's sure to talk about her ex in there, possibly revealing some juicy, yet-unknown details.