Cougar Dating Site Wants Madonna as Its Spokeswoman

Madonna has a well-known thing for younger men. She's currently dating a 24-year-old dancer named Brahim Zaibat, and previously dated 22-year-old Brazilian model Jesus Lutz after he divorce with Guy Ritchie, whom was also younger than her (he's 43, she's 51). That makes her a woman who goes after younger men, better known as a "cougar". So she'd be the perfect spokesman for a Cougar dating site, right? That's what thinks, and they've approached the pop star to help promote their site.

The website is offering the Material Girl $300,000 to become the new face of the site. They want her to record a song and video, and if she does so by Valentine's Day and they do exceptionally well, she'll score an extra $750,000.

The site refers to Madonna as "without a doubt the queen of Cougars", and describes itself as "the premiere dating service that pairs women in their prime with younger men and ends the double standard."

And if you didn't think that was asking enough of Madonna already, they also want her to "agree to perform the CougarLife song at no less than one major award show in the 2012 calendar year."

She probably gets offers to sing as Bar Mitzvahs for $1 million, why would she jump through all these hopes for a dating website?!